Triuno Multi-Phasic Personality Test

Mark the appropriate answer:Yes ๘ No ๘ Don't Know ๘

1. Are you embarrassed to swim in public?
2. Would you rather eat cookies than drive a racecar?
3. Can someone eat too many carrots?
4. Can someone with eyeglasses see things someone without eyeglasses can't?
5. Do people come in your home when you are not there yet don't steal anything, except perhaps a piece of candy?
6. Are there cameras hidden in public spaces?
7. Would you have a body part removed if it meant you'd not have to work?
8. Would you accept frozen meat in place of the (equal or less than) cash value?
9. Do you sometimes not remember what to do, remember, then forget again?
10. Are you embarrassed when you hear your name?
11. Are store-bought teeth preferable to homemade teeth?
12. Do you accuse family members of being in league with your enemies?
13. Do you enjoy reading about space travel?
14. Is a well-lit public park a good place for a safe?
15. Is a robot more capable than a man with no hands?
16. Are some people born from human parents, but raised by wolves?
17. Are there angels sleeping next to you at night?
18. Are feathers better than leather?
19. Would you prefer to be called "Cyclops" if people feared and respected you?
20. Are cosmetics the same as astronauts?
21. Do you trust someone with no hands?
22. If your parent or guardian wanted to see your genitalia would you feel unpleasant?
23. Do you have scars or brushes you can't explain?
24. Do you ever have thoughts of eliminating your self?
25. Do you think you are important enough to be watched?
26. Do you want people to call you by a nickname of your own invention?
27. Do you find things left for you in hollowed out tree trunks?
28. Are you inquisitive about rental vans parked on your street?
29. Do your palms sweat when you are next-in-line at the post office?
30. Do you need to be punished?
31. Would you like to be buried in a solid gold casket?
32. Are pigs smarter than very smart flowers?
33. Do you sometimes find it difficult to do simple tasks, such as opening mail?
34. Are some people uglier than fish?
35. Have you ever glued a kitten to a wall?
36. Do you take pleasure in picking up dogs' feces?
37. Have you rung a doorbell hoping for marshmallow?
38. Do robots make life more comfortable?
39. Is pubic hair a public threat?
40. Have you ever carried a hot potato to work or school?
41. Is it right to perform surgery if you've practiced on a stuffed bunny?
42. If president Harry S. Truman touched you on your knee, would you be pleased?
43. If mousetraps were not working, and there was no poison, would you try to step on the mice?
44. Are there times when you feel like blowing up a balloon?
45. If you liked a group of people, would you have sex with them all at once?
46. If you saw a child beating his head against the trunk of an oak tree, would you think the child needed help?
47. If your parent or guardian described to someone how profusely your ears perspire would it irritate you?
48. Are you afraid of being hurt by a dinosaur?
49. Does a red suit, a red hat, a red bag, and lead shoes look attractive?
50. Have you intentionally placed sand in someone's bed?
51. Have you extinguished a cigarette on your forehead?
52. If mousetraps were not working, and there was no poison, would you release a mouse-eating snake in your basement?
53. Is oral sex better than photosynthesis?
54. Is steak better than corn-on-the-cob?
55. Will you somehow live forever?
56. Is it humorous to see someone attacked by a bull?
57. Do you like the smell of burning hair?
58. Is it right to perform surgery if you've practiced on a dead body?
59. Are you sometimes afraid to shave?
60. Is the end of the world something for which you are prepared?
61. Are there times when you feel like giving?
62. Are your friends and family more important than a stable government?
63. Are certain underarm deodorants destructive?
64. Is sex with your spouse better than psychotropic pharmaceuticals?
65. Can a circle equal a square?
66. Must astronauts "know" someone to ride on the rocket ships?
67. On vacation, must you clean the bathroom before using it?
68. Do you call in sick to work because of mice?
69. When you die will monsters eat your intestines?
70. When you must use a locked bathroom, would you ask a stranger for the key?
71. Is it okay to touch yourself with someone watching?
72. Is pouring oil in the ear canal good for hearing?
73. Are tool belts only for showoffs?
74. If you could, would you knit clothing for a naked doll, if the doll were a bear?
75. Without coffee, would you function properly?
76. Would you laugh at a dog smoking cigarettes in a scientific experiment?
77. Would it be better to have only one eating utensil which was designed to be a combination of all eating utensils?
78. Is your mother a fish?
79. Is anyone plotting to assist you?
80. Is cake better than chess?
81. Is can't better than cannot?
82. Would you find Phillips' head and a flat hand in a tool box?
83. Would you trade world domination for a nap in the afternoon?

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