Film and Television Rights: Marketing Memos for TRIUNO Multi-Phasic Personality Test-#1

TO: Jim P. (Marketing)
FR: James (Marketing and Sales Director)
RE: Marketing Notes on TRIUNO Multi-Phasic Personality Test/Breakdown
DT: 7/31/03

Jim, for the Launch of our product line, I'd like you to take my notes on TRIUNO and compress them into a short paragraph and a bulleted list for the tri-fold brochure and a shorter paragraph, a shorter list(?) and slogan for whatever promo material you've decided on (t-shirts, stationery, fish bowls, etc.). Jim H. you should know is handling the sales packet, if you feel the urge to read the full data, see him. Please work your usual fancy. Those ass from elbow Hayes-Ryerson bastards will be back to statistical analysis on roach infestation before they know what hit them. Thanks.

Our TRIUNO Multi-Phasic Personality Test is a new and unique assessment with several key features. By using our patent-pending TRIUNO algorithm, we've improved the standard personality baseline determination (of typical assessments such as the Hayes-Ryerson Multi-Phasic), and also added several additions (whistles and bells?), while composing it in half the length of many assessments of its order.*

The first of TRIUNO's unique attributes is a (much-needed) convenient level of intelligence assessment. Although with an oversight of 15 Intelligence Quotient (IQ) points it is more general than our Baumgardner Intelligence Survey (an industry standard), but its function differs from Baumgardner, and we believe TRIUNO will be the new standard all Personality Tests are measured.

TRIUNO maintains the ease of a percentile measurement system similar to familiar placement testing-very helpful in quickly accessing the capabilities of patients or employees, while not depending on sometimes unreliable employee/patient-provided information (which often cannot be verified).

Working in tandem with Personality Profiles and Intelligence, our model also is an acute survey of life preferences: socio-economic status, level of education, gender identity/selection, medical history and ethnographic background, resulting in a dramatic savings of administrative work, limited credit profiles, insurance and private investigations. This was accomplished in part by borrowing from the Human Betterment Society's testing paradigm used in determining sterilization cases. (We were fortunate to purchase their former patent in a blind auction retrieving it from the public domain.)

Here you have TRIUNO, or three-in-one. This is the first multi-phasic test which accurately assesses three profiles: personality, intelligence, and background. Other personality tests only determine the level of intelligence of Sociopaths (on a scale of high or above average), including the Hayes-Ryerson. Since most Sociopaths are highly intelligent, and simply determining Sociopathic Personality Disorder is an indication, this is mere happenstance.

Using TRIUNO, intelligence level and cultural profile work together to more accurately determine personality. For example, in simple terms, a typical assessment may discover a borderline psychotic with a graduate level education, but could be mistaken for a run-of-the-mill passive-aggressive with a technical education from the Southeastern United States. If your firm or office submitted a test such as Hayes-Ryerson you may receive a report with a question mark by this subject's name, with a suggestion that a test such as Limmick-Oglesby Type II Battery be administered at additional cost. The TRIUNO determines both profiles with an 80% accuracy rating, 16% higher than a test twice as tedious, twice as expensive, and 27% better than any competitor's Touch Telephone Database testing, * Our TTD9000 can be utilized at no additional cost!

In today's job market, with such a great need for reliable people with highly definable, specific, but limited skills-the cost of turning away the right person is hard to quantify.

Our TRIUNO team has tested the accuracy and stability of our system in a comprehensive eighteen month trial, while working with several top universities and private and state-affiliated penal institutions, who assisted in administration, consultation, and with paid or volunteer test subjects. (We also tested our own staff!)

Our baseline grid comes from a never-before-attempted sample of 3700 test subjects from six regions of the country and most identifiable backgrounds, resulting in numerous profiles (in sync with universally accepted DSM-4 and our own Road Map of Personality (RMP).

Nine hundred of these subjects were matched against their already existing profiles (from our leading competitors' assessments as well as our many standard assessments, including Baumgardner. Our random sampling was extensive; and our data audited by a top university graduate department. We believe TRIUNO Multi-Phasic Personality Test is more: reliable, accurate, far reaching (visionary), and easier to comprehend-in administration, testing, and the resulting determination.

*See section 16, paragraph III and Charts 1-7, page 213-217 on my copy.

cc/Legal Affairs, R&D

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