Film and Television Rights: Memo #2

TO: James (Marketing and Sales Director)
FR: Jim P. (Marketing)
RE: "TRIUNO" breakdown/manual
DT: 8/3/03

James, I've attempted to do as you directed, with the exception that I understood our outside firm had already initiated a slogan and campaign. Did you want me to come up with something else for safe keeping? Was this just a goof or are you testing me? I haven't been able to reach you, and hope I am right in assuming that we are using the slogan for which we paid the geniuses at Maris-Peterson so sweetly. Just in case, I've included one slug as a possibility.
On another note, the manual has been sent to the printer, but I wonder about its page length. A shorter one would be less expensive and easier to read. Thanks.

For the tri-fold:
TRIUNO, or three-in-one, is the first multi-phasic test accurately assessing personality, intelligence, and background. Everyone agrees Intelligence and culture work together to determine personality. Our model is an acute survey of class, education, and life preferences, resulting in a dramatic savings for your company. Our expertise comes from 3700 subjects resulting in numerous profiles (in sync with universally accepted DSM-4 and our own Road Map of Personality. Other tests only determine Sociopaths!

In today's job market, with such a need for train workers, your company needs to be assured of:
• Accuracy and Stability
• Extensive Random Sampling
• Several Top Universities
• Reliable, Accurate, Visionary, and Easy
• Human Betterment.

For the promos (t-shirts, mugs, beach hats, cozies, limited addition micro-brew):
TRIUNO, or three-in-one, is the first multi-phasic test accurately assessing Personality, Intelligence, and Life Preferences.
• Tested Accuracy and Stability
• Human Betterment.

TRIUNO: Three-in-One Human Betterment.

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