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Memos #3

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TO: Jim P. (Marketing)
FR: James (Marketing and Sales Director)
RE: Breakdown on TRIUNO Multi-Phasic Personality Test
DT: 8/4/03

Jim, Thanks for your work and I apologize for being out of touch—leaving you dangling in the wind so to speak. I like what you did for the breakdown, thank you much, with the small exception of using "Human Betterment." Reading my notes back, I really shouldn't have included that bit—that we purchased and privatized the rights to use a seventy-year-old patent (from an advocate of forced sterilization) that had fallen into public domain. I think if normal people knew how we'd adapted their paradigm they would be impressed, which I think was why initially I included the info, but its too much to illuminate for our purposes.

More importantly, including "Human Betterment" in our TRIUNO logo may open us up to lawsuit from the still active Human Betterment Society, who're now known as the Human Betterment Society for Voluntary Sterilization (a lot to swallow)—who I'm sure are watching us since I'm certain they bid on the rights to their own patent, and are probably sore we swiped it from them. I know some of those Hayes-Ryerson bastards are members, including old man Ryerson his fish-ugly self.

I'll be back in the office day after tomorrow and would like to take you for a quiet lunch. Thanks again for your hard-on work.

Also, I noticed a typo in your breakdown, it should be "trained" instead of "train." Buck up cowboy!

TO: James (Marketing and Sales Director)
FR: Jim P. (Marketing)
RE: "TRIUNO" breakdown
DT: 8/4/03

James, thanks for the encouraging words and I'd love to go to lunch. Do you want me to continue any slogan work? Our point person at Maris is not returning my calls so I still don't know if they have the go ahead. I've come up with a few more possibilities. I understand we are in a rush situation so am including them, but if there's time and you're on the fence about any—I have a presentation I'd like to conduct with all the usual bells and whistles, plus a few new ones. Thanks.

TRIUNO: Three-in-One Human Betterment.
TRIUNO: Three-in-One Human Betterment.
TRIUNO: Three-in-One Human Betterment.
TRIUNO: Three-in-One Human Betterment.
TRIUNO: Three-in-One Human Betterment.
TRIUNO: Three-in-One Human Betterment.

TO: James (Marketing and Sales Director)
FR: Jim P. (Marketing)
RE: "TRIUNO" breakdown/manual
DT: 8/5/03

James, I hope you know I was joking. Here's my ideas.
Also, the blue proof of the manual is back from the printer and it's a holy mess—we have to conference on it. Thanks.

1. TRIUNO: Three-in-One
2. Making Humans Better—TRIUNO: Three-in-One
3. TRIUNO: Three-in-One—Better Humans

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