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I lost my virginity on august 13th, 1994. to tara lynn lopez, my older girlfriend by 3 years. At the age of sixteen.

it was on the Northwest Guilford County High School football field. Beside the shotput circle on the visitors' side.

It was roughly midnight. The air was misty and humid, and there were mosquitos, yet I saw three shooting stars.

I've felt it would have been much more memorable if I had not acted as if Id've known what I was doing.

But it was, all-in-all, a perfect and fully classic experience I am thankful for.

The details of the second time will remain forever undisclosed. Although, for a while there, I wondered if the scars would ever heal. But they have, both physical and emotional. As Diamond Dave used to yelp, "the second time takes/just a little bit longer."

Sixteen, for all of it's horrors, terrors and pressures, finally feels like a good year for me.

She now has a 6-month-old with her husband in Florida.

Bless you forever, Tara. You took my innocence and I'll let you keep it.

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