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› Sunday 5/29/2005
Nutshell Kingdom:  Into the Flood!
Pony:  2 years ago
› Monday 5/30/2005
Solstice:  Ode to Kent
Robot Journal:  Wine Club #12: Sauvignon Blanc
› Tuesday 5/31/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Mix Post: Work is the Curse of the Drinking Class
Nutshell Kingdom:  Memorial Day, 2005
Gator Country:  ella es la flor que se aferra
Art Colony:  cactus
Learning to Fall:  they say.
elanamatic:  My life sucks
Solstice:  Save something for me
Solstice:  Coasting
Solstice:  jesus god christ
› Wednesday 6/1/2005
Road Dust:  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: I'm Still Mystified
Nutshell Kingdom:  Lake Effect from somewhere near Buffalo
Art Colony:  wtf?!
Upgrown and Overblown:  Sloppy Seconds
Pony:  Life is good
Robot Journal:  Life is good
Sunshine Jen:  Bar Napkin Poetry
Learning to Fall:  coma.
Tropical Depression:  noodles and panties
Teen News:  I Really Need To Utilize This Column More
Solstice:  timing
Solstice:  You are cordially invited
› Thursday 6/2/2005
Road Dust:  My Opinion, Which May Be Very Unpopular (Parental Advisory: Explicit Language)
Nutshell Kingdom:  Gary McCracken
Pony:  6 things
Film and Television Rights:  (and also) Gary McCracken
Art Colony:  more weird randomness
Cootie Girl:  Music Non-Stop
Teen News:  a scenario i can't get out of my head
Ornithopter:  I Got Nothin'
Learning to Fall:  a difference a day.
Lisa Says:  mon petite chou-chou*
› Friday 6/3/2005
Klutch.xls:  Yummy Mummy!
Learning to Fall:  information
Pony:  Creaky 32
Sunshine Jen:  The Vibrator Poem
Nutshell Kingdom:  Real Sourdough
Gator Country:  fear and loathing in los angeles
› Saturday 6/4/2005
Art Colony:  trying to add some photo goodness