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› Sunday 11/13/2005
Gator Country:  love/lust/sex/chocolate
› Monday 11/14/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  I Am A Thorn, I'm Told
Cootie Girl:  King of the DM Dipshits
Pony:  I am eating my way through southeast asia.
Nutshell Kingdom:  And Death Shall Have No Dominion
Art Colony:  theremin or therapy?
Solstice:  The saga doth continue
› Tuesday 11/15/2005
Film and Television Rights:  Standing
Cootie Girl:  that guy - no - not Shooter Jennings, THAT guy
Solstice:  Cats and Their Uses and Couples Get Fat
› Wednesday 11/16/2005
The Wrong Squid:  The Germans annexed my iPod
Art Colony:  it feels just like i'm swallowing broken glass
Pony:  I know we are getting old because...
Film and Television Rights:  New Career
Honky Cracker:  The Honky Free-Form Poetry Theatre and Social Club
Robot Journal:  I should not be jealous of gorgeous women
Art Colony:  Katie's navel gazing happiness.
› Thursday 11/17/2005
Pony:  Just a dream, not a plan, per se
Sunshine Jen:  Transcript of the Recent Panel Discussion with the Sunshine Jen Writing Team
The Wrong Squid:  The Cat With Laser Eyes
› Friday 11/18/2005
Robot Journal:  My ode to the cassette
Solstice:  Couples Slim down. Cats annoy.
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Laughed and Laid Your Head Random Ten (11/18/05)
Tropical Depression:  Finale! (finally). With pictures!
Pony:  It's a matter of luck
Dog Years:  Dear Lost in Louisburg, I have the answer...
Gator Country:  get busy livin' or get busy dyin' - or both
Poop Beetle:  What I've Been Doing, Feeling, Eating, Reading, the School of the Americas
› Saturday 11/19/2005
Art Colony:  MoNo, Mo' Problems