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deekla‘s britney pants or do as i say girlz gone wild

medium pimping: Todd Solondz went to Iran and all I got was a box of barf

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My friend B works in entertainment placing him in close proximity to names, darling, names. He was in the office yakking it up on the phone with yours truly, relaying the current action there to me play by play live from his cubicle. As recorded for the happyrobot:

B: Someone got a box of barf from Todd Solondz.
Medium Pimp: Wha -?
B: A box of barf. Todd sent it back from Iran, he was there for a film festival.
MP: A barf bag?
B: No a box of barf. Apparently, it is detergent.
MP: Detergent called barf.
B: And the box is red white and blue.

Ah, more ironic than McSweenys on groundhog day. Like the Chevy "Nova", which translates in Spanish to: it doesn't go, or Evite (Rich this one goes out to you) or Avoid, also in Spanish; nobody wants to submerge their clothes in barf.

But it just so turns out that barf means snow in Farsi. So I guess if Todd's friend wants his whites whiter, he will be consulting his Farsi/English dictionary and washing them in Barf.

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deekla‘s britney pants or do as i say girlz gone wild

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