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Dive into any comments & there are hundreds of stupid people who think that they're right even though they can't string together a sentence.
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"Hi. I'm David Cross."
All the Carpets of the Airports
By the time I get to Arizona
Matt Bevin is an Idiot
Get your De La Soul today!
In fact, they are "like a newlywed couple every day," says Jim Bob.
Yelp Reviews Read by Bill Kurtis
This Door is Awesome
"What the f**k? You guys have a Shake Shack here?"
8-foot tall traffic control robots
Oh, right. Nigeria still sucks if you're gay.
Scroll down for more of "The Hole"
Let's Go The Hole!
Wait. AOL is a still in business?
I can't believe I watched them all
Logic vs. Creationism
Dude Chilling Park
Western culture is under threat from Muslims or something!
No Spoilers!
Man in underwear. Sleepwalking. Snow.
zombies are known for being...black?
I Loved Your Wedding...
The Edges of San Francisco
The best Super Bowl coverage I've seen to date.
I've thrown a lot of no-hitters, and I've never had a hit song
"The Simpsons" Writers Reunion
Drop the Zero. Get with the Hero.
Beach Sand Art
Stay Mr. Hannity, Stay
The Godfather: NYC

we were literally pummeled with candy the whole time


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