Solstice: Assistez-moi s'ils vous plait Obi-Wan
you are my only hope... again

Words from Kristen: Leap Year Day
it would have been 24

Robot Journal: The time Chris and Stu drove to Milwaukee
An adventure written by an AI bot

Post-Modern Drunkard: A New Home
happyrobot is no longer my primary writing destination

Sunshine Jen: The Pink Plastic Prison and the Extraordinary Woman
I chose a heck of a day to see the Barbie movie

Gator Country: Hi

Pony: That time facebook killed a robot


Nutshell Kingdom: My Oppression

Post-Modern Drunkard: Dangerous Relaxation Techniques
It starts out about disease, of course, but I swear it's not another pain update

The Wrong Squid: Dog Moods

Letters from Pat: Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Pony: Gestational periods of mammals: A sampling

Robot Journal: Robot Election 2008 Meme Wrap-up
Last year we did a group topic here at happyrobot (a 'meme' as the kids say) about who would be president in 2009

Pony: My Grandmother's Funeral

Lisa Says: oy

Cootie Girl: Holiday (not so random) Friday Random Ten

Nutshell Kingdom: RIP Alex Chilton

Cootie Girl: Iím an old lady

Nutshell Kingdom: From my Birding Listserve
this isn't a poem; it's just too good not to share - ahh! the first hummers of spring!

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