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"If the mosque can't be built at ground zero, does this mean Catholic churches can't be built near playgrounds?"
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"You're right. We're very similar."
Yafna Garcia
1885. Maine. LL Cool J.
Like a Rolling Stone: The Video
Here Come Those Mountain Lions!
Guess which holiday cards I'm not buying.
How to safely cross streets in NYC
In 1968 I took this casual shot of an interesting looking guy
"I have an all-you-can-eat buffet at home"
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Post-Modern Drunkard: Star Trek: The Next and Current Generation
A proposed new plot for the new reboots that will make a billion dollars.
Sunshine Jen: Regular Boats
or average floaty things

Past Words
November 2013
Sunshine Jen: You Gotta Have Sole
Sunshine Jen: Dear Slacker Pilgrim Guide
Robot Journal: The Ghost Co-Op Board is the Worst

November 2010
Robot Journal: Consumer Woes: EMusic and their new pricing system and mainstream music
Sunshine Jen: One Small Piece of the Irish Financial Troubles
Tiny Wine Blog: Things Drunk: 1970 López de Heredia Vina Tondonia

November 2007
River Rat: Blood Mobile
Robot Journal: Robot Meme: Who will be president in 2008 (wrap-up)
Pony: A List of Tortures

Pony (from adina)
Film and Television Rights
Lisa Says

Sunshine Jen
Post-Modern Drunkard
Honky Cracker
The way I see it

Gator Country
Road Dust
The Wrong Squid
Learning to Fall
Reading is Fun: Albert and the Underwear Man
  Dog Years
Robot Journal
Tropical Depression
Cootie Girl

The Dolor
Upgrown and Overblown
Poop Beetle

River Rat
Nutshell Kingdom
Art Colony
State Lines

Past Features
The Willhelm: Carrie Fisher '78
low*fi photo parade
Prank Call : Olive Newton
  Hello from Katrina
I Kiss You
A Very Special Mr. T Christmas

The collected Pony-versary posts
Adventures in Dating
Back in the Day Calculator

McSweeney's Title Generator
My First 45
Teen News
Letters from Pat
Monkey on Toilet
Danny Chambers
  Robot Island
Palaver #129
Dicks with Chicks

My top twenty favorite albums of the last twenty years
Accounting for Everything
Medium Pimping

we were literally pummeled with candy the whole time


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