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party ON! & "Tales of the Crypt"
Saturday, December 18, 2004

› by victoria

Exams are OVER...!
and I had a pretty damn good time after them, too. I mean, seriously, sometimes you need to reward yourself. Econ seemed way easier than I thought it was going to be, and Psychology was way harder than I thought it would be. Psychology was a tricksy little no-good lying turncoat--okay, so even if I would've studied harder (and I did study ahead of time, like a week ahead of time, so I wasn't procrastinating, and plus I did have all those projects to finish) it still wouldn't have prepared me for questions which made absolutely no sense, even when read and re-read. But at 2 PM, I was DONE with first semester and *so* ready to have some fun!

So I sold back most of my college books at the bookstore here, and got a happy surprise in the form of money! yes! it was like Christmas! But I seriously thought about it a LOT before I spent it. I was analyzing all the opportunity costs of the various ways in which the cash could be spent or saved. And I finally pinpointed the fact that even with the help of my friend Robin 'lending' us the use of her phone number, b.f. needs a phoneline to get a job, because you can't get a job without a phone line. (I mean, we take this for granted, but if you don't have a phone, it's very difficult). So I took the bus down to the Downtown Mall here in Milwaukee, the Grand Avenue, and it was decorated like a glittery commercial juggernaut o' the Holidays. (well, first I checked for the phone I was going to get him at my university's RadioShack, but the dude working there was
A.) very creepy and
B.) they didn't have the phone I wanted)

SO I went to Sam Goody in the mall, which is this music/entertainment/electronics store that has a special partnership going with Virgin Corporation (of that reality TV show where the eccentric billionaire head of the Virgin Co. wants to find somebody to give his money/job to). And I got him a K9 phone! it was really inexpensive too. And my first cell phone, that I had for 2 years, was a Virgin Mobile 'Party Animal' phone, so I know they're dependable. The lady working in the store was really nice, she even managed to sell me a 2 year warranty in case the phone ever needed to be repaired, and I was so happy and enthusiastic and bubbling over with Christmas Cheer and the Joy of Anticipating the look on B.f.'s face when I would present the phone to him that I was smiling beatifically at her while she was talking to me. And when she was done bagging up the phone and the extracool free gift that came with it (seriously, VirginMobile gives away really plush gifts...well, all Virgin companies do. I remember when I flew VirginAirlines back in 2000 on my trip to England and they gave us mini-backpacks full of really cool, colorful trinkets like comfy socks and pens and toothbrushes...) I said "Thank you!" and smiled at her, and she said "That was the first thank you I've heard all day!" It made her really happy, I guess. It made me happy too, I just think that more people should say "thanks" when they have a really nice cashierperson helping them...

Then I went to T.J. Maxx just for the hell of it. I mean, I love that store, it is a very dangerous store for me to be in. Since we've almost got a gift package all set up for B.f.'s family (most of it was from a few months ago, before financial hurricane hit) I just needed to get something for his dad. His dad is a very tricky person to shop for, partly because B.f. dislikes him [his dad] very much. But B.f. did let on that his dad likes cooking, barbeque-ing, that kind of thing, so I got him some Louisiana hot sauce and a cool jar of gourmet spices/salt that's from a company that has exactly *my name.* No joke! When I saw the jars, I was cracking up in the store. I couldn't even believe it, I mean, the likelihood of somebody trademarking my name for gourmet cooking stuff is just so remote... I got the sea salt

Plus a pair of inexpensive and on-sale and cute jeans to accomodate my bum through the winter. Because dammit, it's cold outside!
And then I went home, and surprised B.f. incrediblymuch--he loved the phone, he couldn't get over the 'modmix' ringtone (it's a hilarious hip-hop knockoff of "Get Ur Freak On" by Missy Elliot meets a cheezy bad guy theme from a 1980's movie) and everything. Plus the Chrismahannuhkwanzakuh free gift pack was just too cool, he got a cute free t-shirt and coupons and $20 worth of talk-time (it's a pay-as you go phone)...

(this is turning into War & Peace here!)

And then later we went out for coffee and I called Robin and we ended up going to hang out at her house, I spent my remaing $ on snacks to bring, and we drove on over. We got to meet Fred (her mom's first husband, pretty cool guy) and then we all went upstairs to watch "Tales of the Crypt". Now, I have never seen tales of the crypt before, so I had NO idea what to expect. The first movie, "Demon Knight", scared the CRAP out of me. Seriously. I was so freaked out. I was expecting it to be hokey, lame-o, not in the least scary. It was gorey, full of breast implants (and those are a little scary by themselves), and really scary demon-thingies whose lower jaw detached so they could punch out people's hearts with their TOUNGUE. The plot: Billy Zane is a major demon (he's not satan, but almost) who's after this guy, the Guardian, who keeps a flask with "The Key" inside. Now, if Billy gets this final Key, the demons will take over the universe, so the Guardian has to protect it from him. But the Guardian is stranded out in Utah in this seedy motel with 6 random people, and Billy Zane summons an army of killer demons (!) to get them. and they *do* get them, one by one, except for Jada Pinkett (of Married to Will Smith fame) because she resists temptation and becomes the next guardian, instead of the other guy. It's VERY scary, I screamed out loud several times, probably annoying B.f. and Robin but I couldn't help it when the rotting cannibal demons started attacking people.

And then we saw ANOTHER "Tales of the Crypt" movie, "Bordello of Blood", which amped up the T&A factor but it wasn't nearly so scary/gorey as the first one. In fact, it had its downright hilarious moments; Dennis Miller was hilarious as the wise-cracking private detective hired to find a missing punk, and that guy who played Prince Humperdink in the Princess Bride was in this movie as a TV preacher. Best scene: when Dennis Miller goes into the vampire whorehouse with a supersoaker full of holy water and kills 'em all. Priceless, almost as good as "HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN" but not quite...
And then it was like, 1:30 AM in the morning and Robin put in some DragonBall Z episodes and we were having a lot of fun but I was starting to fall asleep (another thing I felt guilty about, but i had been up since 5 AM the previous day) and I knew I'd have to work today from 10-3 (I'm all alone, so it's nice to be typing away and feeling like I'm communicating) so we went home at 2. And then I had a rum & coke, and we went to bed, and I had really bad nightmares because "Tales of the Crypt" scared me.


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