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winding down towards the 25th
Monday, December 20, 2004

› by victoria

it seems like there are either way more users on Happyrobot, or way fewer. Not sure which. The weather has finally tightened its icy grip around Milwaukee, as if to say "F*ck you all, if you think you can run to your car or half a block without getting a killer-bad runny nose and discovering the many hidden openings in your clothes that permit my icy wind to give you gooseflesh! MUWAHAHAHA!"
It even snowed last night. I had a premonition, when I woke up this morning at 9:30 AM (ahh, the joys of vacation) that it was going to be a snowy, crisp day, the ideal kind of day for waking up and eating a nice, warm breakfast, so I made waffles for the first time in a long time. The wafflemaker even released them without shredding them into parchment-bits the way it usually does, so that I was able to give b.f. warmtoastywaffles with Mrs. Butterworth's drizzled (for shizzle) on top.
And I just got to work, where we're having our annual holidayparty, complete with an open bar. It's funny to see my boss a wee bit "merry" in the Wassail sense of the word, if you follow my drift. I just loaded up on hummus and pita (mmmm) and g'd some cookies for b.f. since I brought him to work with me to fill out more job applications.
Weirdest thing that happened this weekend: we went over to Robin's house on Saturday night for a dinner to celebrate her Mom's birthday. It was really fun; we got to play championship euchre and surprise Robin with her Xmas gift from us. But then we were watching "Tenchi Muyo" around 1 AM, and both B.f. and I fell asleep so soundly, and the weather was SO bad outside, that Robin ended up letting us sleep on the floor of her upstairs room allnight. Which is definitely unusual, but we slept very well, plus it was like a frikkin' blizzard outside.

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