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the New Year's Grapes (of Wrath)
Tuesday, January 4, 2005

› by victoria

Back when I used to live at home, one of our New Year traditions was always eating grapes at midnight to ensure prosperity for the upcoming year. I don't know whether that's a real tradition for another culture, or just something my parents made up, but I didn't get a chance to do it this New Year's and so I hope that I can still, maybe, hopefully, have a prosperous year even without the traditional grape-eating?

Anyways, for New Year's eve we all celebrated my friend Robin's 20th birthday. B.f. and I went over to her house around 4--I was still suffering from an acute combination of cramps and this miserable sinus-infection-congestion-thing that's been going around--but I had wrapped both her presents and made her a nice card so I felt pretty good about myself for doing that. Well, it was a big step in the right direction for somebody (*namely myself) who had spent all morning of Dec. 31st lying in bed with a hot water bottle, a box of kleenex, and a good book (JONATHAN STRANGE AND MR. NORREL I have to review it for Happy robot, I really enjoyed reading it...)

so we went over to say "happy birthday!" to Robin, and we got to meet her new boyfriend Dan. It's kinda complicated how she met him, suffice to say that it was at my instigation and encouragement and therefore I am most relieved that he seems like a nice young gentleman. He is a Capricorn, and She is a capricorn, which makes them a very "earth" sign-y couple. (since I am part of a double-air sign couple, these combinations are interesting to me). Anyways, we all watched Robin play Dragonball Z videogames and then we all went to the Red Rock Cafe restaurant for seafood. My nose was still stuffed up, but an absolutely decadently delicious meal of Chilean Sea bass with thai curry cleared that up well. Robin wore the handpainted t-shirt that I made her to the restaurant, which was very sweet of her, and we all had a blast! then when we got back, Jill, B.f., Fred and I played euchre for about 2 hours, it was brilliantly good fun, even though my team lost and I wasn't feeling so well as the Acetinamophen had worn off (and I hadn't brought any Wal-Phed) so I was both congested in my nose and double over in a blanket. but I had a great time playing! and Jill showed us her prodigious knowledge of the world of gourmet tea. It was really impressive--she's such an expert with the different Estates and varieties and tea-growing regions that she sounds like a sommelier trying to describe a complex wine.

She made me and B.f. some of her tea. It was incredible. And she even found me a bottle of children's Wal-Phed syrup that I drank small sips from all night, which enabled me to sleep (O blessed Wal-Phed! I love the stuff. I even have an old box of Wal-Phed tablets back from when they used to be real proto-speed. Once I gave two of those to B.f. and he said they "jacked him up" so badly that the walls were spinning and he had to sleep it off!)

After playing all that euchre, we wished each other a happy new year's and went upstairs to hang out with Robin, who had been up there the whole time playing that Dragonball Z videogame with Dan. Then she put on CHARLIE'S ANGELS 2 and we stayed up uber-late watching it. We all ended up falling asleep on the floor, even me with my wal-phed, and slept in fairly late as well--on the floor. Watched Tenchi Muyo in the morning, and there really wasn't a scheduled breakfast so B.f. and I ate doritos. But the strain of being unable to brush your teeth (i need to carry a toothbrush with me everywhere) or change my socks or whatnot was making me a little bit antsy, so when we finally left to go to our apartment at 3 I was sad to leave Robin when she wasn't feeling well, but I also knew that we had to take showers.

Jan 2nd was a beautiful day. We had a wonderful time walking around in the sunshine and unseasonably mild weather putting up signs in various cafes advertising to sell B.f.'s 1989 Toyota 4Runner. (Selling his car makes me sad,but i guess it must be done).

and Jan. 3rd the weather was most odd, with little spherical balls of ice raining down from the sky to coat the ground with ice-pellets. We had to walk around a lot yesterday as well, mailing some boxes from the post office and stopping at Comet cafe and continuing to look for a job for B.f. But today we woke up and he wasn't feeling so well, which absolutely makes me SO sad. I had so much difficulty leaving him to go to work, but I think that I will scrounge up the money to get him some orange juice and things to make him feel more healthy.

So here's wishing a grand 2005 to everybody--and a good one for myself, or at least for B.f.--may he get hired really soon at a nice job, may his car be bought promptly by somebody decent, and may I be able to get student loans so that hopefully we can work things out here! Yeah!

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