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hangover fun-time!
Wednesday, January 5, 2005

› by victoria

I had a killer cranky hangover this morning, probably as a result of having 3 smallish rum & cokes last night while watching "Finding Nemo" and "Bend it Like Beckham." I thought, since B.f. was sick, that watching two super-positive feel good flicks would do him some good! And he thought that getting me a little bit crunk would help me relax, since I had a really hard day at work yesterday seeing as everybody else was sick so I was pretty much the only person there.

Anyhow, at 8 AM this morning my left eye felt like somebody was repeatedly trying to gouge it out unsuccessfully with a melon-baller, so I got up and medicated myself with 2 advil, then lay back down to catch a few more Zzz's and give the advil a chance to work.

I woke up at 8:50 and had to rush out to catch the bus; I missed the #10 bus by a minute, literally, since the four inches of snow that Milwaukee received last night have turned into slush, and it's ruining my jeans AND my shoes (ice de-melter leaves lovely white lines on your ankles). So then I caught the #30 and barely made it to University by 10 AM, to meet my Dad in the bookstore to buy my books for next semester. My mom was there too, so I was most surprised to see her. She started to get really emotionally worked-up, but somehow she calmed down and I managed to find all my books for next semester, which cost incredibly less than my 3 previous semesters. (I even finagled my way to getting new highlighter markers! woo-hoo!) Then my parents decided they wanted to take me to lunch at the University cafeteria, and so we waited for 1/2 an hour for the cafeteria to open. My mom talked to me unbelievabely-much about everything that had happened while I was gone over the holidays; how my leaving has deeply hurt everybody, and I'm squandering my potential, etc. It was pretty sad stuff, so I don't know how I managed to bring the conversation around to more cheerful topics, but I did. We actually had fun--it was nuts, especially considering the emotional scenes I'm used to. My dad got us all plates of roast turkey, stuffing, vegetables--the perfect meal for such a cold day outside. Plus I got cranberry juice, 2 rolls, and a piece of german chocolate cake for dessert. I am absolutely STUFFED and I wish I could take a nap at work, but since I'm here by myself (and my managers are here as well) they're providing me helpful reminders that I need to get a move-on and pull about 300 more books from the collection. Hooray!
But I'm actually really glad I got to see my parents today. I think it was pretty positive for all of us. I'm not crying at work, and I think they're okay too. (My mom even packed me a bag with really nice and expensive homeopathic medecines in it, which was very nice of her). So I think we are making progress, or at least I hope so.

Have I made any new year's resolutions? all the other happyroboters seem to be doing this. so I supposed i should be doing it as well...
My New Year's Resolutions for 2005

1.) To get really absolutely spiffing good grades
2.) to kick butt at this spring internship at the Art Museum, and get a paidinternship over the summer, hopefully
3.) to pay off the cingular debt, somehow
4.) to get student loans so I can...
5.) get a car and learn how to drive
6.) turn out a whole bunch of art
7.) become a better person all-around

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