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Ebay = Eris
Thursday, January 6, 2005

› by victoria

Milwaukee had a freak snowstorm last night. Kept the TV tuned to the news, especially the weather, since B.f. is obsessed with finding out how the weather is. Even though he was sick with a cold all day, and ended up sleeping 90% of the day in a polarfleece sweater and pants (*our apartment is cold), and I had to force him to take some medicine, he put on jeans and a coat and actual shoes to check the weather outside. The snow is messing everyone up--I actually almost slept in this morning, thanks to the soothing sounds of snowplows driving by...the 5-7 inches (i'm estimating) that we got is enough to make people's driving even worse and walking anywhere a pain in the butt. My socks are still soaking wet inside my shoes from walking in a big pile of slush. But I digress...

Since I saw my parents yesterday, and they were nice enough to buy all my textbooks for next semester AND get me a very nice lunch, sans drama, I was feeling pretty happy about the whole interaction. They even brought some items that I had ordered from (ahh, the good ol' days when I had disposable income) before I had moved out. I got to see the Red Dwarf Series VIII episodes, my favorite episodes, "Pete Part 2" and "Only the Good" last night... You just can't help laughing when you see Danny John-Jules as the Cat stealing somebody else's french fries and being macho. It's hilarious. Plus they brought 2 Cds, which I haven't even opened yet, and I'm excited about reviewing/listening to them. Stories which my parents told me; I really wish I could see my family's christmas pictures this year, since my older sister's fiancee apparently dressed as a rockstar, my older sister as a groupie (and if anyone KNOWS anything about my older sister, the incongruity/ludicrousness of the costume is hilarious in itself), my younger sister's fiancee dressed as a rabbi (i guess he's 1/16th jewish) and my younger sister as a fairy. Wow. So I'd love to get a chance to see those pictures...

In the meantime, I am deeply infuriated by ebay. You'd think we'd learn not to deal with that website in the least, since it seems like every transaction that takes place on Ebay is cursed by Eris, the ancient greek goddess of discord... we sold B.f.'s Korg for $407.00 plus $40 shipping/handling to somebody out in Pennsylvania. When we shipped it, we had to make a box for it since the dimensions were too large/odd for any existing box...anyways, now the person says that the Korg is broken and insists that we make restitution for it. So basically I'm thinking that $175.00 of my paycheck is blown away on this, and that makes me really upset and worried. I just hope we can make it this month...maybe B.f. can get a job in time, I can get loans, I don't know, work it out with Jill or something. That would be great. anyways, please wish me luck and I have to remember and learn from my experiences with Ebay that it nearly ALWAYS leads to discord. EBAY SUCKS!

~sleeping in
~B.f. teasing me good-naturedly about "elves (long story)
~hot chocolate
~art projects
~German Expressionist Silent film

~sinus congestion
~wet socks
~burning my butt on the heater in the bathroom (I was getting out of the bathtub last night and drying off, I slipped on the bathmat and my left bum hit the bathroom radiator, which is from the 1920's, and my skin actually sizzled and I started to cry, both from the pain and feeling stupid that I burned my butt on a radiator, which must've been at least as hot as a stove since the bathroom is the only warm room in the apartment lately...)

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