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an expired jar of pasta sauce!
Friday, January 7, 2005

› by victoria

It's freezing outside, but dammit, I'm really skimming good here. Last night, I got home from work and I was a little bit "wound up"--since I was the only person at work, I was running around like a hyperactive gopher on illegal Wal-Phed tablets. I had to push a 100 lb. cart around the 5 levels of the Memorial library pulling books, and I even ran over my own foot with said cart. Plus assist people in finding movies, put a bunch of A/V materials on reserve, and alphabetically organize 10,000 or so cards of stuff we pulled from last semester's reserves. Whew! So B.f. had to calm me down, but he didn't do a very good job, because he kept on telling me a bunch of good news which just made me jump up and down and get happy-hyper all over again! So I was very proud of him yesterday (I'll let you know what's going down when the Tetris game that is my life hopefully reaches the next level--currently the blocks are falling into place...)

Anyhow, then we made pasta and he (wisely) decided to flavor his pasta with parmesan cheese and olive oil. I went for the weird jar of pasta sauce that was supposed to expire in February 06, but we're fairly sure has already "passed on", since I've gotten a stomachache every time I eat it. So we're definitely ditching the pasta sauce. To make amends for the marinara mixup, I ate a bunch of knockoff teddy graham cookies and we watched "the OC" and "The OC NORTH SHORE". Both these shows were so dreadful, but the jokes that B.f. made were priceless. the guy knows how to rib on bad acting like no other. One scene in particular, which involved some seemingly wealthy man walking around with no shoes, elicited particularly cutting remarks like...

"I hope it's the Santa Anna winds, cuz otherwise that guy is gonna freeze his ass off. (pretends to be character) 'Sorry honey, but that alimony settlement has deprived me of the chance to wear shoes forever. I lost my Versace deck shoes, and now I have no footwear that matches my yacht."

Or another scene, where this flirtatious woman with red hair was trying to act coy with said shoeless-guy aboard his yacht:

"Careful, your plastic-surgery staples might rust in the marine air. Oh, forget the plastic surgery! Let's live for the moment, not 5 minutes later when your face sloughs off!"

I was laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair. We took a commercial break to run out and get a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, which exponentially multiplied the amusing-ness quality of the programs. Susan, our really nice landlady, had baked cupcakes and insisted on giving us one. Plus she told us that we apparently have to buy fuses? or something? in case our fuse blows. (??) I guess it happened to some guy in 319 and he didn't have a fuse, he needed to finish a term paper due the following day, so he woke her up at 1:30 AM to get the fuse fixed. Which wasn't very nice, but I understand the desperate, blind driving force that makes people do awful things for academe.

Later in the evening b.f. showed--or more precisely, played--for me some of his scratching samples, which were great. And somehow we eventually bopped our way around to seeing THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI which is one of my fave old-skool movies. Since it's a silent movie, you can expect that it sustained some heavy ribbing as well because B.f. thought the plot was rather pointless. But it's NOT about the plot with CALIGARI, it's about the amazing art direction! the cinematography! the creepy atmosphere! it's not supposed to make sense...I think...

And then we went to bed really late. It was so cold in our apartment that we were both wearing several layers of polarfleece and huddling under blankets like terrified baby wombats. But, weirdness of weirdnesses, we both actually got a good night's sleep, which is good, so we could tackle the friday with ease!

And now... big shout out to Isabelle, Vera, and especially ROBIN (becauseiamcomingovertoseeyouthisweekendiknowthis!)


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