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Ghostwriter, are you THABTO?
Monday, January 10, 2005

› by victoria

the title is referencing the delightful episode #1 of GHOSTWRITER which I happen to own, and watched last night with B.f. while we ate pasta with (fresh) prego sauce...GHOSTWRITER is such an awesome blast of early 90's goodness. (It's SO worth watching, I don't care how old you are, the show ages like fine wine or french cheese, it only gets better with time). The idealistic mentalities of the kids, the bizarre pseudo-drug references, Jamal's slow typing skills, the hip-hop was so much fun to watch that B.f. was wishing that we had more episodes to see. But alas, I only have one tape, just as I only have one tape of

--Bill Nye the Science Guy
--Chip n' Dale, Rescue Rangers
--Nick Snicks the Family
--Rocco's Modern Life

I love the 90's.

Anyway, I'm back at work. I had a really fun weekend, especially yesterday when I didn't get anything productive done. In order to describe the weekend, I should probably start at the beginning. Friday evening, I was so wound up and stressed when I got home from work that I had to sit and relax for about 2.5 hours with B.f. before we finally put ourselves back together enough to walk to the Comet cafe near our apartment for coffee and cigarettes and he filled out a job application for Outpost natural foods co-op while I did the Shepherd Express crossword puzzle. Or tried to (I suck at crossword puzzles, but I think they're great exercise for your brain, which is why it's important to persist in your efforts). Comet has started playing better music--instead of its usual roster of bizarre audio assaults, it was playing Cee-lo and Goodie Mob. Then we went woke up early on saturday, and cleaned out B.f.'s car because we're trying to sell it. Or we were trying to sell it, but I don't think that selling it is really a good solution to our problems and that if I can, pleasepleasepleaseplease get student loans we can keep his car, pay off all the parking tickets and re-register it for the state of Wisconsin instead of California, that would be ideal. But we cleaned it out anyways, we ended up with 3 big plastic bags full of random stuff...when we're talking random, we've got:

>several pairs of surf trunks
>the board game "Husker-Du" with game pieces scattered all over the place
>a $10 bill (that made us very happy!)
>Maglite flashlight
>my headphones
>an aluminum baseball bat
>California and Wisconsin road maps
etc. etc.

Plus then we cleaned all the plastic surfaces in his car with Clorox lemon wipes. We used up a whole JAR of them (this is what happens when you have 2 smokers who believe in putting out the cigarettes in the between-seat-thing)--we got the whole car spankin' clean. Then we drove to Outpost's and he dropped off his application there, we even got some healthy/organic food there like tangelos (i'd never tasted a tangelo before), healthy juice that was on sale, vegetarian taco-mix that was also on sale. we don't buy anything that's not on sale, basically. then we got the car washed, because he had scheduled a viewing with this guy for the car at 3. I cleaned the apartment and did the dishes while B.f. gave the guy this viewing of the car. The guy was apparently a total ASSHOLE and I hope he gets to read this, because he was a complete and total asshole from how he put my B.f. through the grind and then insulted him. He took B.f.'s 4runner out on the highway, left wrappers (yes, wrappers in our freshly cleaned car), was rude, called and demanded to know whether the car met emissions standards (duh, it's from california, what do you expect?!) and then said that he was going to pay B.f. $750 for it. Which is just an insult. It made us both SO, so, so, so upset. I was just like, "Honeybee, you should have let ME talk to that guy on the phone because sometimes people deserve to be yelled at. Sometimes you forget that I'm half-italian and I can dish it out too, especially at a sitting-duck like that guy..." So we were both pretty upset, so I suggested we got out to Comet and have some coffee to calm down. We ended up going to the art supply store and I bought some paper so I can make pretty greeting cards that we can (hopefully) sell for money, but that didn't make me feel any better. We were both very "sad pandas" to use B.f.'s phrasing. So when we went to Comet, I gave Robin a call and said "hey, Robin, wanna hang out? have some fun times and shit?" and she responded with "Yeah, okay--" so we finished our coffees, went home and B.f. composed a totally awesome loop while I painted two small paintings, then we went over to Robin's house.

SATURDAY NIGHT: So we drive on over in freshly-cleaned car to Robin's house, when we get there I go upstairs right away to give her a can of RED THUNDER, the Aldi's Red Bull knockoff drink that tastes pretty damn good. Robin's lying back on the bed waiting for her pain medication to kick in, which makes me sad, and her new boyfriend "Tyrone" (I'm sorry, I love making up pseudonyms sometimes and Tyrone is such a great name) is up there with her. So I'm all like "HI!" and trying to cheer Robin up, and make her feel better, and so I tell her some funny stories about how my boss works me so hard at my job and I got Elmer's gluestick in my eye accidentally (and it still itches) but then (I think I was cheering up Robin, but I felt kind've like I was bothering Tyrone, or something,) and plus I had to give some stuff to Jill so I excused myself for a little bit and I ended up talking to Jill for a LONG time about anything from living in Holland to piano lessons to when she was a lawyer and got the judge so angry that he was making and sustaining his own was awesome. So we had a great chat, I gave her some info on the student loan stuff, we had several (make that many) smoke breaks (so many that the next day I was coughing pretty hard and couldn't smoke at all) and then B.f. and I went back upstairs and watched the 1st half of "Dungeons and Dragons" with Robin and "Tyrone." And it was pretty fun, even though I felt completely ignorant of all the points and scoring and "Elven mage beats Dwarven Halfling thief" stuff... :( Then we went back downstairs for another smoke break, during which we discussed music even more in-depth and classical murder mysteries, and then we went back upstairs and watched the ending of the movie, making snyde comments all the while, until it ended at like 2:30 AM and Robin was all like "you should go now." So we did, although I had to wake B.f. up (he *always* falls asleep at Robin's house when we watch movies) and we left. I had a pretty fun time, but I felt like I was bothering Tyrone and that made me feel awkward and out of place, so I was a bit sad about that, because I want Robin to be happy and I don't ever want to be a burden on anybody--a result of when I was an extremely gregarious and talkative (and eloquent) kid who loved to talk to adults when my parents brought me to business meetings, and then on the drive home from the meetings my mom would tell me that the adults "aren't at the party to talk to a five-year-old, they're there to make business contacts, and nobody wants to talk to YOU anyways, you're just annoying them." So I have tried to get past this, but I still am always scared of that small voice at the back of my mind that says that people just put up with me because they're being nice, and I'm really just a nuisance...which makes me sad.

(choked up at work)

So we went home and had a sandwich (because B.f. wanted us to sleep in on sunday morning, and I can't sleep in if I'm hungry) and then we went to bed and slept very deeply until 11;30 am. Then we had a leisurely breakfast, and went for a mega-long walk to the Central Library downtown because I wanted to try to pay my late fees. Unfortunately, my late fees are $24 as of this moment, so that is out of reach. But we still had a really fun walk talking about anything and looking through windows of art galleries and nightclubs and cafes...Then we went home and watched "Ghostwriter" and had a smallish bit of Smirnoff Ice, which led to impaired judgement, which led to watching "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" (during which I actually *cried*, whether as a result of booze or marked emotion I do not know) and "Desperate Housewives", which was so absolutely sleazy that I can't even do it justice with a verbal description. Well, maybe I'll try later, but I've typed too much as is.

I'm very glad that my friend Katie emailed me ("Hi, Katie!") and I wish Vera best of luck on her story contest, and Robin, if you have read this, I would Love to see you on Wednesday!! and I hope you had fun hanging out with me on saturday too! And what else? Hmm. I hope that everybody is having a wonderful, wonderful week!

(and B.f. is doing the laundry for me while I'm at work...because we put off doing it all weekend! ;)

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