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fact: I lost my post
Wednesday, January 12, 2005

› by victoria

I lost my post. I spent an hour and a half writing an absolutely KICKIN' Art Colony, complete with 10 CD reviews AND elaborate links to, but when I was about to post it, BAM, not only did my hyperactive right index finger exit the extra pop-up window previewing my text, but I also got the screen with the more mature woman holding the chicken. So I knew my Art Colony was irreperably lost, forever. So sad. :'-(

Happy things: my friend Katie gave me a ride in to work this morning at 8 AM. It was terribly nice of her, she even stopped by the apartment to drop off some stuff, which meant that she got to see the beautiful chaos that is 202. [I really need to get around to cleaning the apartment soon, preferably before school starts up again!] She was very nice about it though, even though I was dressed but wasn't yet wearing shoes and B.f. was walking around groggily like a baby bird (he just looks like a baby bird in the very early mornings, eyes half-closed and hair in weird little tufts all over his head) in pajama pants, a t-shirt, and bathrobe. We tried to offer her coffee, but she doesn't drink coffee (because she's smart and healthy; I love coffee, but i know it's terribly bad for you). And then we got to school together and she went to her office and I went to Reserves, where I work, and wrote a lovely Happyrobot post that got deleted. Arrrgh.

BUT, last night I saw a truly excellent movie, The Station Agent that I had never seen before. B.f. and I made tofu-burgers and I listened to some new songs that he had written--they were GREAT! I was so proud of him. And then we saw this DVD that I had rented called "Killing Us Softly 3", it's a documentary about how women are objectified in advertising, and I figured I should probably see it sometime since Advertising is my major and it looked like an interesting film. Whew, was it ever interesting, but it was also majorly uncomfortable to watch. The way women are portrayed is just SO shocking and unfair, it's ridiculous. You can check out a website reviewing it here

To get the unpleasant 'taste' of the film out of our collective minds, b.f. and i watched "The Station Agent" and that film is just SO great. It's like the ultimate buddy movie, but it's not cliche or corny or "hallmark-y" in the least. It deals with real issues and very real people, and the acting is amazing. I highly recommend it.
We ended up going to bed really late, having a discussion at like 12:30 about how London has these pay-toilets that are like automatic kiosks in the middle of the street. B.f. didn't believe me that they existed, but I tried to refute this charge by pointing out that some guy even bought one and lived in it. Pretty crazy, huh?
Also, today I got a really nice email from B.f.'s mom who is living in Laguna Nigel, CA. Apparently they're all getting so much rain, that the creeks are overflowing and what-not, so that is distressing. I hope the weather gets better there soon.

And Katie, thank you for the Mountain Dew Live Wire! :-)

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