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libras: a cool little thing that I wrote a while ago
Wednesday, January 12, 2005

› by victoria

I wrote this about 6 months ago just for the hell of it: enjoy. and if you are a libra, enjoy twice as much. I think.

LIBRAS: are they all the same?

I've been thinking about writing this for a long time. I mean, it
really quite honestly seems to me that all Libras have so much in
common, that it almost goes to prove that astrology is true.

The following writing is, therefore, entirely my own opinion; if you
agree/disagree, feel free to let me know!


You can always ask TV psychic Ms. Cleo:
"You're a Libra, aren'tcha, darlin'?" --Ms. Cleo, from

Or you can look for these clues...

Their goal is to achieve peace and harmony. They are the "middle of
the backseat diplomats" on long car trips, or the "family discussion
preventers" at those unpleasant Thanksgiving reunions. It's the
Libra's job to throw red herrings of distraction to prevent anyone
commenting on -------'s new 'life choice' or ---------'s annoying
habits or -------'s awful haircut, and they take their job extremely

They =need= to be supportive and caring to those they love. If they
can't be there in person, rest assured they will make it up to them
somehow, usually by buying presents. Libras *adore* buying gifts for

They love art. If it's luxe, stylish, suave and fun, then they want
it. Libras love style as well, whether they are into retro-kitsch or
ultra-modern looks.

Libras are NOT lazy. They merely know the restorative value of lying
in a hammock for a few hours balances out all that hard work they've
been doing.

Depending on your definition of "party" (they're far more likely to
enjoy a small gathering of people that they know well, rather than a
large and mob-like group of strangers), Libras are the life of the
party. Hells yeah!

Libras love making other people feel good.

They enjoy the 'finer things in life', depending on whether you
define the "finer things"as gourmet chocolates OR organic fruit
drinks OR imported cigarettes OR ordering decadent amounts of
Parisian lounge music CDs from OR indulging themselves by
watching their favorite kinds of movies.

Libras like **their** favorite kinds of movies, especially 'bad'
ones. The only thing that completes their enjoyment of "Robot
Monster" or "Four Weddings And a Funeral" or some other equally
selective-demographic-appeal film (and chances are, it's a comedy) is
watching it with somebody else and making snide comments about it.

They will lend you "a hand in need" or simply be the shoulder you
need to cry on, for whatever reason.

Libras like travelling. They love the excitement and "adventure" potential.

Just because they're Air signs doesn't mean they're airheaded. Okay,
well maybe sometimes they get very easily distracted. But that
doesn't mean anything...what were you saying again?

I bet that most of the people who worked on 90's kids TV shows were
Libras. Just look at the flashy, catchy designs; the incredibly fun
music; the zany plots, etc. etc. Plus they always emphasized "REduce,
REuse, REcycle"; I think that most libras have this liberal bent that
makes them want to save the earth or at least tell their local state
representative to vote against Bush's logging policy (speaking of
which, check out

Libras like to dress comfortably.

They hate(d?) gym class, but still enjoy exercise. What probably
made/makes them hate gym class so much is being *forced* to do
things. Libras hate mandatory requirements. They like to feel that
they can make their own choices.


Another quote about Libras, this time from JUMANJI about Robin
William's character: "Ignore him, Peter. He's a Libra." Which tends
to be most Aries's reactions to Libras. Unless, of course, they want
to keep Libras captive because they are the perfect audience for
Arie's outrageous antics...

Chances are, if you're a Capricorn, you have Libra friends. You're
the Brain. And your Libra friend is Pinky. Can you take over the
world? Muwahahaha...

If you're a Saggitarius, a Libra is your ideal sidekick. You have so
much fun chatting that you never want to stop.

If you're an Aquarius, you probably feel the same about Libras as
that one kid in those late-90's cereal commercials where that kid
liked that cereal so much that everyone said "If you like it so much,
then why don't you MARRY it?" so the kid marries a box of cereal...

Pisces like Libras because Libras get along with both of Pisces's
personalities, "Mister Magnifico" and "Madame Mysteriosa"...

Tauruses know exactly what they want. They are almost too down to
earth--this can scare Libras. Just think a bull in a gift shop.

Geminis are a wild card as far as Libras are concerned. "Someone MORE
charming than me?!" thinks a Libra. "No! This cannot be so!" Besides,
we're cuter than them and you know it.

Cancers are intense. As in, intensely full of ideas, almost like some
crackling Tesla coil. Libras can understand this. But cancers are
also intensely full of energy. Libras cannot understand this.

Leos? I don't know what to say about a group of people who are
supposedly "the most charming of all the signs." All i know is, the
lead singer of Spinal Tap was a Leo. is that a good or bad thing?

Virgos tend to annoy Libras, and Libras *want* to get along with
everybody. But Virgos are perfectionistic and demanding and choosy
AND like to do annoying impersonations of "Kung Pow"... no, no, no.

Scorpios are intense,like cancers, only think "aggressive" intense.
Libras hate violence and conflict, and Scorpios tend to get into both
of those things. But Libras can get along with anybody (except
Virgos!) because they are the ULTIMATE diplomat.

And with other Libras? We are starting out on the best possible foot
of mutual understanding. In fact, we just might get into arguments
insisting that the other person is the coolest--because that's just
how Libras are. :)

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