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Thursday, January 13, 2005

› by victoria

I just had to write this because something struck me just now as I opened up my little black beat-up nylon "Unison Sport" purse and found, beside my recently purchased on-my-way-to-work Natural American Spirits pack, a pack of Camel Lights. Which Jill had put there, because she knew we had run out of cigarettes last night while hanging out with her and helping her out some... Sometimes there are some things that you have to say like that, about how good and kind people can be, randomly, to you, and how you sometimes feel overwhelmed by gestures (big and small) of generosity that make you feel like you're smiling and (happycrying) inside.

I love B.f. because he is just the sweetest guy in the entire world. Before I met him, I made a "wishlist" of all the qualifications that I wished for in a guy, because having read a lot of fairy tales and seen movies like "Bedazzled," so I had learned that you have to be really careful what you wish for. So I was careful, and I was specific, and I did meet a guy like that, and now I just love him so much, especially the little things like the way he opens doors for me or can tell when I'm upset even if I'm trying to hide it, or the way he does crossword puzzles (it's fun).

I love Robin like my sister because we've been friends for SO long and we've gone through so many crazy adventures together. Who else but us would do hilarious and crazy stuff like spying with binoculars on your neighbors across the street going to prom in their limo, and laughing histerically at them? staying up all night? watching scary movies together, even though I'm scared of everything and Robin is never scared of anything? And I'm glad that she's happy with Dan, although sometimes he intimidates me with his fast-fire trivia facts. But what matters is that my best friend is happy (and hey, maybe we can stay up late again just us and read COSMO? :)

And Jill, is just one of the all-time most genuine and amazing women that I have ever met. Her stories are so cool that they just absolutely blow my mind, and she's candid and funny and supportive and just-plain GREAT. And I feel like when we're all sitting in the basement together, B.f. and Jill and me having a cigarette break and drinking tea, we're really communicating and having a brilliant time and the best possible conversations.

And Katie, you are so awesome because I know that you really honestly believe that I can succeed and that one time you told me your "secret life plan for me" a long time ago, involving me going to art school and moving in a bohemian apartment-loft and becoming a famous artist, well, I hope that I'm getting closer to that goal. Hey, I've got the bohemian apartment thing going on, right? No, but seriously, you're both a great teacher that I was lucky to have, and a wonderful friend.

And my advisor, whose name I would like to type, well her first name is Linda (and everybody but me calls her that, I call her Ms. -----), is the main numero-uno reason why I am happy about starting class again on Tuesday, January 18th. I really miss seeing her and having awesome random conversations on popculture and advertising (I even got the book "Hey Whipple, Squeeze This!" because she recommended it) so I am REALLY looking forward to graphic design class.

And I love my Dad, and my Mom, and kind've my 2 sisters, and sometimes B.f. and I say that maybe when my 2 sisters have gotten married and moved away, then maybe I can go back and see my parents again and they'll have mellowed out and we can get along with one another.

And I love my cat Patches whom I've had since I was a little kid, but I haven't seen her since I moved out.

And thanks to everybody who encourages me, and helps me to feel like I can make it even though right now I feel like I'm whitewater rafting the turbulent rapids of life in the taco shell of low-to-no-security.

and all you positive people on happyrobot rule.

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