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stayed up too late!
Friday, January 14, 2005

› by victoria

I stayed up wayyy too late last night. Well, I rented a bunch of cool movies from my college library (where I work) with the intention of watching them with B.f. last night, but we ended up watching the O.C. (and getting angry at it, since that show is SO infuriating, but somehow addicting...I think?) Anyways, so after the O.C. I put in a tape called "Advertrocities" that I found randomly, and it was hilariously funny. It had some of the most tasteless, awful commercials I have ever seen: notable was the ad connecting homeless people with eyeglasses, or Fantastik wipes with a "good slut, bad slut" motif. Maybe it's just because I'm an advertising nut (who subjects her B.f. to the advertising movies as well) but I thought that video was not only funny, but well done. Then we ended up getting distracted and listening to 1990's music like Snow's "Informer" and Kris Kross and "I got a Man", then my Ace of Base album, then I decided to come out with some Europop-dance goodness. B.f. loves UK garage music, and songs #5, 6, and 11 were definitely his favorites. I just kept hitting the repeat for "Daddy DJ" (#15) and the final track #17--I'm a Eurodance music fanatic. Love the stuff. It instantly connotes a mental stream of conciousness like this europesummerfunadventurecrazinessunpredictablesunshine and it's so brilliantly escapist that I can't help but listen to it over and over again. And then we busted out my Moby album of "Play" but I tried to explain to B.f. that except for the song "Bodyrock", that album is like one of the all-time worst tearjerking albums for me. So depressing. But then at like 11 Pm we decided to finally get around to watching All the President's Men with Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman (at Jill's strong recommendation). And DAMN, that movie was good. It was *so* good that we couldn't stop watching it or fall asleep even though the movie was 3 hours long and we were up until 2. We actually brewed coffee so we could stay awake for the entire movie! It was exciting and suspenseful, too, which is amazing for a movie devoid of explosions and kung-fu violence.

So I've been working mad-crazy at work today, and my head kind of hurts, but I'm looking forward to getting off of work at 4 PM to go see Jill and things. Maybe I'll pick up some cookies or something on the way.

And what else? Oh, this is my last weekend of freedom before school starts on tuesday, as well as work. I'm hoping that I will be able to write another "art colony" over the weekend, but since the library where I work will be closed over the weekend AND on monday (for Martin Luther King Jr. day) then we'll have to see if I get the chance to go to NODE and type up an Art Colony. In the meantime, I hopehopehopeHOPE that everything goes okay and a big thanks to everybody wishing me luck. And Isabelle, I want to add you to my facebook list of friends! I just have to remember what my password is... :)

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