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don't go talking too loud, you'll cause a landslide
Monday, January 31, 2005

› by victoria

another title channeled from a chumbawamba song, this one is the acoustic version of "New York Mining Disaster, 1941"...

My head hurts like the dickens.
I can't even type properly, and, irony of ironies, I am being called upon to type more than ever today. I missed my first class, something about which I feel extremely guilty. Can't decide whether to email my prof or just talk to him on wednesday, he is just the coolest philosophy prof I have ever met and I really want to do well in his class (well, partly because i find it so profound that I was sad to miss it, but I woke up at 8:30 and I could never make it to his 9 AM class this morning with my 30 minute bus commute and all, so I just made it to my 10 AM advertising class).
Last night, I attended a meeting for the Tribune, the college newspaper for which I do the cartoon. The meeting went longer than expected, because the faculty advisor for the Trib (*whom I don't know, have never met, etc.) was making a long, impassioned speech about how he felt over his contract not being renewed. He said it was because the Trib had published 3 articles over the past year that made the university "look bad": this probably has more than a grain of truth to it, since the U. is obsessed with its image. (*I didn't know this until last night either, but my friend Anna told me that wayyy more sexual assaults/rapes occur here on campus than we find out about. Very scary). I don't want the guy to lose his job, but it's a complicated situation. I'm not sure what's going on there.
I was a bit resentful about having to go to the meeting anyways, since BF and me were in the middle of a Pauly Shore movie marathon (JURY DUTY and IN THE ARMY NOW) and so we had to interrupt ourselves. He gave me a ride down to campus last night, and stayed in the cafe writing online resumes to send out to potential employers, which was a good idea. He also tried calling this one woman to apply at the Milwaukee Atheletic Club, but she was a total b*tch to him, but he'll try applying anywhere pretty much at this point.
I still have to do the 2nd half of my ADPR 180 public relations assignment, and it's due tomorrow. Plus I'm going to attend this seminar in 10 minutes about this minneapolis advertising agency, hopefully it will be cool since i can barely keep my eyes open, my head aches so badly.

Random questions we've thought of, over the past few days:

On SURVIVOR and shows like that, when women are on their period, do they give them 'supplies' or do they leave them to fend for themselves and use palm trees and the like?

If fluoride is rat poison, then why do people add it to the water?

and finally:
why is chocolate milk so damn tasty? (why did my parents used to tell me it came from brown cows, and regular milk came from holsteins? that was so embarassing in kindergarten, I swear)

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