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beware of the salsa
Tuesday, February 1, 2005

› by victoria

I think I have a migraine headache. I'm not sure, though,which is stressful in itself. But it feels like my brain itself hurts, and when I walk or move (even type) i feel like my brain is jostling up and down and I just want to close my eyes and sleep for a couple of hours. It's rather distressing, especially since I've had it since yesterday morning. But that's nothing compared with the SALSA INCIDENT which very nearly drove me and B.f. to the hospital.

See, yesterday we were taking care of cashing all the checks (which didst save our ass, thankyouthankyouTHANKYOU to everyone who sent us one, may you be blessed) and since the bank is in a Jewel-Osco food store, I was thinking that maybe, once and for all, we could finally buy enough food so that our kitchen cabinets wouldn't look like those of Old Mother Hubbard, who presumably didn't even have a bone to give her dog. well, we had some ramen noodles and random miscellaneous stuff, but no real solid "oh let's cook dinner" type food. So we were putting healthy food like eggs, salad, etc. in the cart and B.f. was all like "Can we get chips and salsa? please?" and so I acquiesced. Bad idea. BAD bad idea.

We got a bottle of (surprise!) La Victoria salsa. It was extra hot jalapena red salsa. Holy SHIT it was like plutonium blast in a jar. We got home, and B.f. started dipping some tortilla chips in a bowl of the salsa, and I heard this funny wheezing noise from the kitchen. He was in the living room, unable to talk, with tears running down his face. I brought him a glass of soda, but decided to try some for myself. Whew. It didn't really hit me until about 5 minutes after I started eating it, at which point I ran and held my blistering mouth open under the kitchen faucet, running cold water to try to cool down my tongue. It was so awful, it was hilarious. I added some mild salsa that I found to the extra hot, and so it was edible, we ate the whole bowl. Another bad idea, since we both went to bed with sore stomachs and woke up with sore stomachs, and eating veryvery spicy food does bad things to your insides. That is all I have to say. It was bad. It still is bad. Bleagh. We are thinking of using the rest of the extra hot salsa in a practical joke of some kind, or perhaps as liniment for a horse with stiff joints. It will clear our your sinuses, I can promise you that.

So between the migraine and my still-sore stomach, I am in a lovely state. And I'm at school from 8 AM to 8:00 PM, which is bloody insane, don't care which way you slice it. (I had to come in early this morning because i couldn't type up my homework yesterday, my head hurt too much). So these are our adventures thus far. I will keep you posted on any new developments.
And a big "HI!" to Vera, and Isabelle. WELCOME BACK TO MKE, ISABELLE! woot! Just had to say that. :)

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