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what a difference a day makes... :)
Friday, February 4, 2005

› by victoria

24 little hours... (I love that song)
Congrats to the parents of the cute little baby John Ball Jr. He's adorable.
The fact that over the past 24 hours, c.l.b. J.B.Jr. was born and BF got a Job blows my mind.

I got home at 4:30 PM yesterday exactly. Yesterday was an extraordinarily beautiful and warm day outside, around 43 degrees, which we count as "break out the bathing suits" weather. I was smiling all day because of the sunshine and the extraordinary coincidences of being dismissed early out of my Public relations class and my was a lovely thing. I even made BF a "Feel better, I love you, you are great" card experiment on photoshop that turned out really cute (I need to get a website so I can scan all that stuff and my cartoons for the curious). So I get home, and BF is still making phone calls to potential employers. I was eating some cookies and 1% milk as a snack while he made this call, and it was really interesting to watch his face while it was going on.

Then after the call, he comes over and sits with me on the chair, and says "Honey, I hope you're sitting down when I tell you this because I have... news."
Now, the way he says it is in such a manner as to make it sound like bad news, but I'm feeling pretty lucky today and besides, the Universe can't knock me down any more than it already has, I'm habituated to disappointment by now.
Then he says, "I didn't get the job."
So I look at him and get kind of choked-up, and say, "Well, it's okay, how'd the other..."
He interrupts me and says, "I DID get the job!"
And I freaked out.
I just couldn't believe him. I was in shock, I was jumping up and down. I can't believe the Outpost Co-op finally hired him. This is like a freakin' MIRACLE at last. I mean, it's like a new chance along with the new weather. I was completely blown away.
Then I decided we must celebrate this--because he literally didn't know he had gotten the job until the phone call while I was eating cookies. So, to celebrate, we went out to this Thai restaurant (EE-Sane) that's like 5 blocks from where we live. Bf had never been there, but i went there in October of 2003 (holy crap, why does that seem so long ago?) so I remembered that they make the best pad thai in the universe. I got chicken pad thai, he got shrimp pad thai, we had coca-cola and munched away happily on the deliciousness (I'm serious, you haven't had pad thai until you've eaten at EE-Sanes. For $7, you get enough pad thai to eat a BIG dinner and have leftovers for lunch the next day. It's incredible). We were stuffed, walking home with our little takeout boxes, and we sat and listened to Daft Punk after this gourmet overindulgence. Then we watched THE OC. And BF made music, while I tried to clean up the paper-piles in the apartment and used clorox wipes to clean off the hardwood floors under the chairs (which were covered with popcorn bits and cigarette ash, that kind of thing), and read my Public Relations book. And then we went to sleep. It was great.

I can't wait to break this to BF's mom. This should be fun.
Happy Friday, everyone!

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