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Brewing Grounds
Monday, February 7, 2005

› by victoria

Saturday afternoon was so sweet. BF ran-walked all the way to where I work (about 5 miles, in like, 20 minutes) just so he could meet me there. It was adorable...we went to the Central Library together, and he checked out 2 books and some movies and it was so nice to get to spend time with him, really a welcome break from Reserves. But 4-6 PM, i had to go back to work at Reserves, which was rough since Steve (my co-worker who was supposed to be working with me that day) was sick and didn't show. So, for God only knows WHAT reason, it was crazy busy and I was stuck helping everyone at the same time, mad stress. Plus then it was 6 PM and Maria--who was supposed to show up and relieve me, so that I could go home and eat something and rest--wasn't showing up. She was at Starbuck's and was going to be late. Boy, was I ever pissed off at that point. Then, when I left it was really dark and unusually warm for February, which must've been the reason for all these groups of people roving the campus. It really scared me when this group of 3-4 guys were walking in my way on the sidewalk and one of them said, in a really scary (and letchy) way "Hey Cutie". I was super-super-freaked out. Tons of sexual assaults happen on my college campus, wayy more than the campus newspaper reports. And I was by myself, and there weren't any other college students nearby, so I was getting pretty scared. While I waited for the busy, luckily some other students came, but I gave Jill a call on a payphone telling her where I was in case something happened to me or I didn't make it home or something awful like that. When I did get home, BF had to reassure me for a while and made me promise to take his cell phone with me next time I have to work late. Plus I called Jill and she helped me to calm down as well. Then BF and I figured it was time to chill out so we ended up watching "Desperate Housewives" (no videos around) and eating pasta.

Sunday morning, we both actually slept IN. It was nuts. I can't remember the last time I slept until 9:40 (BF slept until 11:30). it was brilliant. I got up and read 70 pages of the AENEID, caught up on doing the massive pile of dishes in the sink, ate breakfast, relaxed, made coffee, it was great. BF woke up and we ended up watching "WU-TANG GAMBINOS" together. It was hilarious. Very good fun. Made some salad. Decided to go for a walk. Went to this awesome new coffee place, called "Brewing Grounds." Totally adorable, well-designed cafe that has this latin american feel to it. BF and I loved the place, it was great, and the guy who worked there was really nice and made an excellent cappucinno as well. Then walked to Sentry's, got some apples, yogurt, hot dog buns and pickle relish. Came home, had hot dogs for dinner (yumm). Did the laundry together, BF filled out an application to work at this really cool indie movie theater near where we live and I colored in my graphic design homework all 8 pages of it. BF decided he was going to drop off the movie theater app that very night and so he got suited up to run over there in the dark. I cleaned up and folded my clothes, made the bedroom look semi-decent, and by the time he got back it looked tolerable! I had hung all my clothes up! yay! It had been raining outside though so I made BF take a shower 'cause he was soaked through and sweaty from running so much. Then we watched "Reversal of Fortune" and that movie is mecha-awesome (Jill lent it to us). Very good movie. Then we went to sleep.

Then we woke up wayy too early today. Argh. The worst thing is, I don't get home until 8:30 PM (I'm guessing) tonight, and neither does BF, and the same schedule for tomorrow as well. Plus tomorrow i have my internship required attendance seminar, and I work.

When I was reading Pony's entry, it made me sad because i'm supposed to be a college student having fun. And I don't know if being carefree or whatnot is even possible for me anymore. So don't feel bad Pony, I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

On the fun topic: I still have a helluva lot of fun, though. And I try to pack more fun into everyday than is humanly possible! WOO-ha!

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