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a cheeseburger and a shake, please
Tuesday, February 8, 2005

› by victoria

Vera, your comment on my last post was SO true but I guess I'm scared to admit it, that I'm in hyperdrive for getting mature or older or's a little bit scary. I want to do some carefree fun stuff, but then I find that my idea of relaxing is watching "THE SIMPLE LIFE" with BF or reading a book like "Captains of Conciousness" by Stuart Ewen... anyways, yesterday I ended up staying at school from 8:30 AM until 8:30 PM. Absolutely crazy. Plus the barometric pressure must've been moving around, because I got another migraine (I took some excedrin migraine right away, but it barely kept it under control). I wrote 2 papers, though--one for my ADPR 180 class that was due this morning (hooray for making it under deadlines!) and the other for my "small group communication" class that is due on Valentine's day, and there is no WAY I am doing homework on Valentine's day, even if it is a monday. Anyways, so over 5 hours did lots of homework, then I got a Mountain Dew Live Wire (*i'm addicted to that is the most delicious soda in the universe, I am convinced of this, except perhaps for Pompelmo but they only have that stuff in Italy) and went to my Ad Club meeting. At 7:15 p.m. my migraine was acting up so badly that I was just sitting there while other people were making themselves comfortable and seated all around me and chatting, and I was just looking off into space and had one or two tears just going down my face because my head hurt so much...

The weird thing about a migraine is that it makes my (normally dull) hearing extremely acute. And i could overhear one of the four "Marquette Alumni career speakers" saying that what he likes to do is "Hire graduates straight from college, before they're broken by the system...don't pay them much, because you don't have to, just get 'em while they're full of ideas." etc. etc. I couldn't believe the depravity of the guy. It made me rather sick, on top of already being sick.

And then I listened to 4 MU alumni talk for an hour about their various jobs and how they got them, and the same guy who came out with the egregious comments listed above was saying that Marquette University students should take the opportunity to volunteer at the Haggerty Museum of Art and I felt like standing up and saying "ThAT IS WHAT I'm ALREADY DOING!"

Maybe I shouldn't go places when my head hurts that badly, but at that particular moment I felt acutely frustrated with the fact that I'm always just barely ahead of the times in predicting and being involved with stuff, and yet it somehow seems like i'm a "johnny-come-lately" no matter what I do. I just get really depressed. I mean, the same guy who was saying this didn't even have to put together a portfolio or anything and he still got hired! It's weird. Somehow I think that I will have to jump through hoops like a trained poodle on methamphetemines before I'll get a job, and even then they'll stick me with making billions of photocopies.
ON A POSITIVE NOTE: I liked the t-shirts for Ad Club that my advisor had designed. I thought they were really nice and tasteful (and I gave mine to BF because he was sweet and got me a coat yesterday, so it was like a gift exchange). I liked seeing my advisor, except it was very brief sighting. And the pizza was nice. But when I got home, it was the end of BF's first day of job training!! So I was very excited for him, so excited that I almost forgot my head hurt, and it sounded like the employee training was very pleasant, which made me happy. I proposed taking him to Bella's Fat Cat for dinner since I had already eaten pizza and we didn't feel like making anything, plus I had returned that CD the library had charged me for so I had some $. So I got him a cheeseburger and a raspberry shake, and we sat and talked about advertising as a business and design and whether it would be possible to move to CA and get in the advertising business there and how we should design a website promoting ourselves, very interesting stuff. Great conversation, plus they started playing Hot Chocolate's "I believe in Miracles" which always makes me smile. Had some time chillin' and listened to some CDs I had checked out from the library, except all of them skipped when they got to my favorite track. Grr. But I had 1/4 of a percocet and went to sleep and woke up and my migraine was gone! Hallelujah! It was great. Plus Katie called this morning asking if she could give me a ride to school--thanks so much for calling!!--but I was still asleep, so I'm sorry if I sounded groggy and hoarse, thank you so much for the offer though. (Tuesdays are the only day when I remotely get enough sleep, I slept in until 7:45, which is when I have to be at work on Thursdays and Fridays). And then I made it to class, and now I'm here with 2 hours of free time to catch up on my AENEID reading before i have to go to an internship seminar, then to the important meeting for the Keith Haring project, and then to work from 4-8 PM.


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