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Thursday, February 24, 2005

› by victoria

something that popped in my head this morning while i was trying to motivate myself to get up and get dressed after hitting the "snooze" button for the umpteenth time... Perhaps it's my exhausted variation on Emily Dickinson, I don't know, but here it is:

"Hope is a little thing with feathers
that lives above the apartment
next to mine.

And it struck me as really profound ("or something", as BF would say).

Yesterday was a truly fun day. I will report random snippets, so as not to overwhelm through sheer volume of verbiage.

When BF showered and shaved his beard & little "van dyke" beardy-goatee thing on tuesday night, I happened to have been studying like crazy for my philosophy test. I had put in the album Pure Blues and when BF came out of the bathroom wearing jeans and a white man-tank-top, the blues song that was playing --something by Stevie Ray Vaughan-- it just all meshed so that it seemed like some random sexy Levi's jeans commercial. I was cracking up, and BF was all like "Why are you laughing at me?" and I replied with "I'm not laughing at you, you just look really mega-mega-cute and it just seems like some jean commercial" and then he got it. And I continued to study while he skipped around to various tracks on the CD before heading off to sleep--I ended up going to bed pretty late since I was studying for my phil 050 test.

I still hadn't understood Aristotle's 4 means of causality--material cause, formal cause, efficient cause, and final cause--(ironic, I remember all that stuff now, after my test) and I was super-super nervous for the exam. When I tottered in on Wednesday morning, I had been cramming in extra knowledge while eating breakfast, etc. The Philosophy teacher's test, though, was challenging but blessed in its brevity. The test was SHORT! It had only 3 short answer essay questions! (My public relations test had 7, plus 2 full-page answer questions!) And he didn't even ask about the 4 means of causality. Plus he smiled at me when I turned in the test, which is hopefully a good omen!

(raise hands in air, exclaim) Bless the man!

My cartoon about "what would happen if the Simple Life came to Marquette?" has been received with general acclaim. BF thinks I should do my whole cartoon on that subject, seeing as it provides ample opportunities to lampoon various social mores here.

Sorry, I sneezed.

I reallyreallyreally hope that we have enough $ to make rent this month. Or even on March 2nd, when my 2nd check comes (damn you, February, you short month!) BF gets his first check today, so I'm very nervous about that...
Please wish us luck on that!

And yesterday, when we went to the bank (which is also in a grocery store, and we walked to the library too :) we got Sriracha! hot sauce. I love this stuff. I think we should make plain pasta and slather it with Sriracha!

Tonight i have to defend the existence of Art Club and try to get Student Government to make it an official student organization. Wish me luck!

Lots of luck needed, I guess. But if any of you lived nearby, I gladly would welcome you over to have some Sriracha with me. :)

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