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Tap tap tap... is this mic on?
Wednesday, February 23, 2005

› by katie


Check one. Check. Check one.

Okay. Hi. I'm V's friend Katie and welcome to my special guest post.

I'm leaving to go to a conference in Louisville tomorrow--20th Century Literature & Culture. I hope it is fun... not like going sledding fun, but like, geeky reading a book fun. But before I go, I wanted to share this story about Louisville with you:

I was in Louisville a few months ago--October or Novemberish. And I had dinner with a friend at a large rock n' roll chain restaurant. Actually, I had some dessert type dish. It was good--apple something-or-other involving nuts. After dinner I went to take a TAXI back to the hotel. The hotel wasn't far, but when I was walking there I saw a gold-teeth store. I don't understand the nature of a neighborhood that has a gold-teeth store... good b/c people can afford gold teeth, or bad because that's what they spend money on--I don't know. So that's why I was taking a cab. Anyway, there magically was a cab right there. I took it. I noticed after a couple blocks that the cabbie was driving me the wrong way and I thought "this jerk is trying to make some extra $$$ off me" except I didn't think the word jerk. But then I noticed that he didn't have the meter on. And he was asking really creepy questions like: "how long are you in town?" and "Does anyone know you're here?" "Is anyone expecting you back tonight?" and the kicker "Are you married?"


So I told creepy that he was driving me the wrong way and demanded that he take me back to the hotel. After a creepy drive through the porn-district, he took me back to the hotel & didn't want my money. I threw it at him and ran into the hotel waving at people who I didn't know.

The moral of this story: Take your own car to Louisville next time.
Moral 2: Be glad you're alive if you've ever taken a taxi in Louisville.

I'll see y'all when I get back.
And, V, Look--it really IS a colony now!

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