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yay! first exam is over
Tuesday, February 22, 2005

› by victoria

I can breathe now! Hooray! I certainly can't get over the crippling writer's cramp in my left hand....urk. BF stayed up with me last night playing the guitar while I studied. And he helped me study my notecards this morning. And he walked me to the bus stop. and my exam is over!!!!! YES! only philosophy is left. And my piece o' shit paper. Which I cried over, during my writing center session yesterday... I kept saying "It's so bad, so bad" and the writing center girl was just being really nice about it. But I try to save the drama for yo' mama.
Anyhoo, until things get less crowded for Rich, my friend Katie might be posting some surprise posts here on Art Colony. Which would make it a real colony, n'est-ce pas? Haw haw haw. It will be super-cool.
Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I am sorry I had a breakdown. I felt really bad about it. But after eating some sardine sandwiches, and drinking some "Focus VitaminWater" my brain could handle the pressure.
Have a rockin' day, Y'all!

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