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Thursday, March 3, 2005

› by victoria

It seems that Katie feels sick in an upwards-chi direction, and I feel sick in a downwards-chi direction. Weirrrrd.

Yesterday I was so tripping out on Acetinamophen--I had taken 3 doses within 20 minutes of each other, when they're supposed to be within 4 hours of each other (and yes, I know it damages your liver especially if you drink alcohol, which I have no touched since last Saturday night) during COMM 052, I couldn't modulate the volume of my voice. My eyes were doing top-gun special effects. On the other hand, I was sitting in class not feeling like I wanted to die and kill everyone else too.

I am being deliberately vague today.

But seriously, when I do feel like this, I really hate 99% of the plebs around me. I mean, "pick-a-fight", Very-Grouchy-Ladybug-by-Eric-Carle hate. It's weird. I mentally am swearing a blue streak as I try to calculate the shortest distance between two points that I have to journey across to save myself the trouble of walking.

I have no appetite. I haven't smoked in 2 days, but I'm so woozy that I really don't miss it. When I do start wanting to smoke again, though, rest assured you will be the first to know. I can't even focus enough to do schoolwork. I'm never tired--that's part of the rules of my life--but yesterday I came home at 4 PM and I just fell asleep on the sofa-bed, because it felt like someone had siphoned out all my life-energy. Bleaaaagh.

If I could make one poem recommendation that I think everybody should read, it's by Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Not only is this book ***THE*** PARODY of George W. Bush (it's amazingly insightful, ahead of its time, and brilliant) but it also has a very funny and wry poem in it, 8 pages long, about this girl named Goldie Pinklesweet who eats her Granny's powerful chocolate laxatives (moral: don't dig in the pill cabinet, or bad things will happen to you). Fact: I memorized and recited the entire poem from memory, British accents and everything, in 8th grade and I can still remember a lot of it.

"And she could never really get
the beastly stuff to go away and so she's forced to each day
within the everlasting gloom
of what we call 'The Ladies' Room'
and there she sits and dreams of glory
Alone inside the lavoratory."

Priceless. Alas, I felt like Goldie yesterday.

I missed my ride in with Katie this morning. I feel stupid. :-(

We paid the rent yesterday--Hallelujah! we had practically exactly enough for it. It's like paying for something with change, and discovering you have a few pennies extra, though. We only have $4.82 cents left over after paying the rent. But thank goodness we were able to make it, somehow...

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