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am i red?
Friday, March 4, 2005

› by victoria

the title of this post originates with a short story by my favorite author Bruce Coville entitled "Am I Blue?". The basic gist of the brilliant story...well, you gotta read it for yourself. It kinda has to do with making a wish that anybody with the slightest tinge of being gay turns blue leads to some pricelessly fun, emotional, and chaotic results.

If I could make a wish like that, I would want to make all guys in the world have to deal with the stuff that women have to deal with all the time. As in, cramps, and mood swings, and body aches, and basically feeling like shit. Bear in mind, this is strictly hypothetical, and would only be for one day, but I really think it would send the world into a tizzy.

I'm imagining every single guy in the world calling in sick to work, only to stay at home with a hot water bottle watching daytime soaps and popping enough aspirin to kill, then calling all their guy friends (or maybe they did this first of all) to find out if they're all feeling sick too. Lines and lines of guys at grocery stores and pharmacies buying 'supplies.' For themselves.

It would be priceless.

I'm sorry about this slightly vengeful approach. I had a very rotten day yesterday. BF had had an extremely difficult day at work, and I tried to cheer him up (but i didn't do a very good job, sad to say). I did the dishes, even though I was mega-tired. Our toilet is broken, but BF wouldn't go downstairs to borrow a plunger from the landlady. I had to, in my pajamas, and not only was I seen looking scrungy in my pajamas, but that catty bitch Ericka (who really hates us...I don't know if I mentioned this in an earlier post, but Ericka feels that she is a rival for me + BF in our landlady's friendship, and she has taken an extreme dislike to me/us) saw me as well.

I tried to plunge the toilet. Didn't do a very good job. Then I was trying to watch "The O.C." but BF insisted it was a re-run (was the second episode on last night a re-run? it seemed new to me) and kept on playing his guitar over it. It wasn't worth it, so I changed channels. "GLOBETREKKER" was on public television, and I love that show. But right in the middle of episode "Napoli" (and I am missing Italy so much right now. I miss speaking italian so much), BF announces he is going to bed. At 8:30. So I took a bath and then went to bed as well.

But it was just very, very frustrating.

Plus, this morning, we get up at 5 so that BF can go to work. And he announces that he is tired of this job. And I am just about at the end of my rope right now, because we made rent this time cuz we were lucky he finally got a job, but I can't be the only person working, just because people at his job are assholes. PEOPLE AT EVERY JOB ARE ASSHOLES!!!! EVERYWHERE!! there is no job that is magically immune from mean, nasty, spiteful coworkers. Road Dust is one of the best examples of this--I mean, Vera's co-workers are absolute draconian bullies of the first waters.

So I'm just hoping that there is some way I can encourage BF and make him content with his present job, even though people there are being rough on him. Please send positive mental vibes my way, people, because I sure as hell need them more than Martha "Camp Cupcake" Stewart

I know that this present frustration for BF is exacerbated by the fact that we haven't done anything "fun" for a long time. Fun, as in, going to see a movie, or going out to eat, or anything out of the old routine. So today when I see my Dad (ulp) I will hopefully try to work some magic so that BF and I can do something, anything, fun to relax and recharge tonight.

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