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a funny story
Saturday, March 5, 2005

› by victoria

Last night, I had rented a whole bunch of movies from the public library before I came home from work. We're talking

>Lethal Weapon 2
>The Lost Boys
>Jet Lag

So we decided to start off with This movie is so much scarier than the American version "The Ring." Even the box is ever so much creepier. But seriously, while we (BF and myself) were watching the movie, we got to the pivotal moment where they show the cursed video to the audience as well as the movie characters. (* for all the movie characters saying that the video is indescribable, I can describe it: a sepia-tinted circular shot of a man looking down, a woman brushing her hair in a round mirror, switched with another mirror showing a creepy thing approaching, then a bunch of japanese kanji characters moving around like flies, then people crawling on the ground in a creepy way, the legendary 'well' scene, and a guy with a towel on his head). BF and I were *sooo* creeped out at this point after the video was shown, and then--in the movie, and in our own apartment--the phone(s) rang. Both the phone in the movie, and BF's cell phone rang at exactly the same time!
we must've jumped 2 feet in the air. We were both absolutely terrified, and it takes a lot to scare BF (not the same to scare me, though).
The phone number was "restricted". That added to the fear.

We couldn't get over how scary it was. And then, when I finally talked BF into listening to the voicemail message the person had left on his phone, it was his Mom calilng him to say "hi."

Which is a pretty funny story, and a crazy coincidence that she called at exactly that time!

We also finally figured what was wrong with our apartment's toilet. It was acting all strange and not flushing properly. The water would rise ominously to the edge of the bowl, then make a strange "clurk" sound and kind've drain away. It turns out that when you flush, you have to push the flusher handle up and at a diagonal angle, not straight down like you think it would work.


And now I am at work pretty much all day. Wish me luck, I have to do a powerpoint presentation and a photoshopped book cover for my Graphic Design class.

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