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an inordinate horror...
Monday, March 14, 2005

› by victoria

...of the movie Naked Lunch . That movie is MEGA-messed up. I tried to watch it with BF on saturday night, but it was so strange and downright disturbing that finally, at the point where some giant centipede with a human face is literally mind-f*cking some guy, I called it "quits" and couldn't watch it anymore. (It made me think too much of this crappy horror novel I once read, called "the Jim Jams"...that book was mega-gross. I don't even know why I read it, except I kept on hoping that maybe there would be something that the humans could do to fight back against the Jim-Jams)...

BF said I should review "Naked Lunch" for Happyrobot and say it's a "romantic comedy." So silly!

Anyways, after reading the extremely inspirational words of the latest Solstice, I wanted to write a few words about BF (just a few). In fact, I'll limit myself to a list of 5 things.

Item #1: He made me coffee this morning, while I was developing a raging migraine headache. (coffee, or at least when I drink it in mega-quantities, helps to off-set migraine development). That was a true blessing. He also walked me to the bus stop to make sure I was okay, and to make sure I actually *got* to the bus stop, since I wanted to malinger and stay at home with him because he was just so darn cute.

Item #2: He felt guilty about us coughing up the money to get him a new dress shirt for his new job. I said, "Honeybee, it's okay to spend money on something for your job, you want to look nice and make a good impression, right?" and he agreed. Except he hated going into the mall to the TJ Maxx in the first place because the mall made him depressed. He started making up this little club called the "Broke 4 Lyf Krew" (I don't know how to put an double-dot accent on top of the "o" in "Broke", but he was getting really silly about it).

Item #3: This is something that makes ME feel kinda guilty. He has had to sell like all of his physical-objects-for-dj-ing. Like his rare sidstation (he gave me the t-shirt that came with it), both of his midi-boxes, and his korg organ. For us to be able to live together. He really is a great human being.

Item #4: Having put our heads together, the only way we can make a livable compromise for the wisconsin weather is the hope/dream that someday, after I have worked in Advertising in Wisconsin for a while, we can move out to California together. So BF can go surfing again (he's a really, really good longboard surfer) and maybe even teach me how to surf, even though my mom/older sister always said I would "break my shit" surfing. His recommendation for our future place of abiding? Santa Monica. Which is weird, cuz I guess Solstice lives there...

Item #5: I made him home-made french fries from scratch yesterday (potatoes are cheap and plentiful, when you chop them up into little strips and fry them in canola oil, then salt them generously,'s my mom's secret way of making french fries. they're so good, BF said they were the "food equivalent of drugs...gimme another fix!"). They were to cheer him up while he tries to fix his computer. his apple laptop is busted, in such an odd way that the chances of it happening are infinitesimal. Until we have enough $ to get him "discwarrior", he is trying to fix it himself to retrieve his old files. It is truly valiant, and emotionally moving, to watch him struggle with the code.

Finally, today is (i believe) BF's first day at his new job. I am hoping that he will be able to stay at it for at least 4-6 months. Because, also (another coincidence! synchronicity, perhaps?) like Solstice, I need a financial comfort cushion of some kind, at least until I am able to work my ass off over the summer raking in the g's.

We had a 5 hour nap yesterday afternoon. We woke up at 10:08 PM and we both had hot chocolate while watching my favorite documentary ever, "Genghis Blues".

If you don't know about Tuvan throat-singing, then you *need* to see this movie.

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