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last midterm at 9 AM central time. wish me luck, please :)
Friday, March 18, 2005

› by victoria

I have my last midterm at 9 AM today. That's in approximately 1 hour and 21 minutes. I am currently at work (yes, at 7:30-ish on a friday morning after St. Patrick's Day)...instead of partying my a$$ off like 80% of Marquette Students, I stayed really late studying Descarte's Meditations. ARGH! they are so confusing.

I have learned that I wish I had more free time because when I study at leisure, I learn more than if I cram all at once. Or, I should probably start studying a week ahead of time, except i'm too damn busy to do that...

Anyways, please wish me luck on this midterm!
And at least I'm not drunk.
Yesterday in my 9:35 AM Public Relations class,, about half the class was absent, and half of those who *were* in class on St. Patrick's day were 3 sheets to the wind. They were absolutely plastered, and extremely rowdy. The teacher had to tell them to "quiet down" about 10 times, and then this guy passed out on his desk. It was ridiculous.

So at least I didn't imbibe on St. Paddy's. I hope that counts for something in the Phil 050 midterm sense of things.

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