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the incredibly pedantic Bollywood movie
Saturday, March 19, 2005

› by victoria

Ohmigosh. I didn't know what i was in for yesterday when I rented this bollywood movie. It was the only bollywood movie I have ever seen available at the Central Library here in Milwaukee, so I was all like "yay! Fun songs and dances!"...boy, was I ever wrong.

It was called something like "Kya Kehal", and it was about this spunky highschooler named Priya who graduates and goes back home, where there's this guy Anja who loves her very much. But she doesn't like Anja, and she ends up falling for this total asshole named Rahul (why are the annoying characters always named "Raoul" or "Rahul"?) who gets her knocked up and then basically treats her like shit. The whole village is despising her and her family, her older brother's wedding is ruined, and she's kicked out of her house into a stormy night... she gets sick, her family invites her back, she insists on going back to school AND carrying to term. But everybody still hates her, and they even put on a play about her (same name and everything!) where in the end, she drinks poison rather than shame her family. Then Priya gets up in front of the audience and makes an impassioned speech about why she wanted to have the kid, and everybody accepts her, and Rahul feels bad for being a complete churl, and later he wants to marry her. But she marries Anja instead! Yay?! I was worried that Anja got the raw deal all the time.

But still, this was like the most conservative movie ever. I wouldn't be suprised if the library copy had been purchased by the Wisconsin Right to Life club or something. It was a real downer as well, and I was trying to celebrate the start of spring break! So then we tried to watch "the Happiness of the Katakuris" and it was really good but unfortunately the combination of being absolutely flat-out tired and drinking Vanillacutty & Pepsi knocked me out halfway through the groundbreaking film. So sad. (I don't even remember staggering to bed last night, I was so tired--at least I fell asleep while lounging in my pajamas!)

I took BF's laptop to the Information Service Technologies (ITS) people yesterday. They were so unhelpful as to almost reach the level of french bankers, but not quite. I'm serious, they made me sign a waiver declaring them free of blame were anything worse (ha ha) to happen to the computer, and then the guy just turned it on, listened to the 'rrrrrrrrrrrrrr' noise, and said "I can't do anything for you." No recommendations of people he might know to fix it, no anything. I was frustrated and angry.
who knows? I'm feeling pretty chill about the whole thing at this point. And since I work from 10 AM to 5 PM today, I am going to get a lot of artwork done.

Peace, my brothas...

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