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Monday, March 21, 2005

› by victoria

Okay, I don't recall how the hell my spring break got fucking HIGHJACKED by people demanding my time/energies/activities. (I work 8 AM-2 PM almost every day, plus Wednesday I volunteered at the Haggerty and I have to drop off my artwork and everything)... It's all my own fault, I guess, but dammit if I'm not frustrated. I'm going to be asking some advice from you wonderful sexy people, and then I'm gonna vent about some awful Republican shit going down at my college.

Okay, first the advice: My graphic design class teacher/awesome advisor recommends me to this guy (a fellow student at Marquette, albeit a Senior) who is trying to put together a business website. He needs somebody to do the logo(s) for it. I met with him last friday, and he seems like an okay guy. But there's going to be a lot of work involved in designing this (and I have to do it over break, while the guy is in Puerto Rico on a six-day vacation). BF says that I should ask him for a small monetary token of appreciation, because (and I agree with him on this), I don't have to volunteer to do everything, and it's a lot of work and it's only fair that I deserve some remuneration, AND it seems like the guy is a whole helluva lot more well-off than myself. I don't want him to say "Hell NO!" and tell me to go to hell and not use my design, but at the same time, it seems like he is investing a lot of capital in creating the infrastructure for the website itself, etc. and he has big plans for the site. So what do you think I should do?

Okay, secondly, the venting:
Marquette's College Republicans group thinks our very conservative college newspaper isn't conservative enough. So they want to start their own newspaper! I wouldn't believe this, except I have to do an editorial cartoon about it by this weekend. Gaccck. I mean, how can you call a newspaper liberal when it has an editorial/viewpoint like this, bashing gay people, you have some kind a perspective-problem.

Plus all this Terri Schiavo stuff. I don't quite know what to think, since I don't know the man personally and for all I know he might be like Klaus von Bulow from that movie with Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close. But it just seems like the republicans are everywhere. BF and I were getting very sad about this yesterday. He wants to get away from America, and I agree: People here (and especially here in Milwaukee--it might be different in big cities) don't know how to have fun, they don't read (except for republican newspapers, ha ha)...

it was a mega-depressing thought session.
After that we went to sleep, and I had very disturbing dreams that the landlady was dyeing my hair pink, my parents busted in the room and were screaming at her about her son being gay, my younger sister punched my dad in the face, I tried to make a quick getaway on top of a speeding van, and I had hair dye in my hair the entire time. Very, very surreal.

Nice things that BF did: He rubbed my incredibly sore and painful back with tiger balm yesterday (*I hurt my back carrying way too much crap in my backpack, then painting 6 hours every week on top of the unhealthy ladder), then insisted that I lie down and rest while he brought me breakfast in bed, cleaned up the apartment, and was just generally a sweetheart. PLUS he was cleaning the apartment wearing polarfleece pants and a wooden tiki-bead necklace--he looked like a male model, or a pro surfer, or something. It was great. Screw Merry Maids, that's all I have to say.

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