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bubbly bath
Tuesday, March 22, 2005

› by victoria

this morning I woke up way earlier than BF (okay, 45 minutes earlier) and made waffles for the first time in ages. They were yummy, and crunchy, and buttery (which was odd, since I don't put butter in anything except macaroni & cheese). I wanted him to have a big breakfast since (even though I will be home probably at 3:30 PM) tonight at 7:30 PM is his first night at his new job, and I am crossing my fingers that all goes well.

thank you for the advice: you are right, in that creativity is my currency, and I shouldn't let people take advantage of me. I'm not sure how much to ask for, but I think that simply for coming up with 5 polished, presentable ideas, maybe it's fair to ask for $10/sketch? Please tell me what you think. The last thing I need is this guy to have an apoplectic fit...

But enough worries: Some majorly fascinating and cool stuff happened to me/us yesterday, & I would like to share it with all of you.

1.) Yesterday BF and I went for a very long walk when I came home from work. I wanted to go to the "hill park", which is this part by Riverside University Highschool at the intersection of Locust and Farwell (?I think?). BF wanted to take another way home, so we started using a path in the park, which led to another path, which went through the woods... we ended up walking all the way through the woods for about 1.5 miles. It was muddy, wet, and gloriously fun. We saw a lot of very good graffiti, trees, and it was very quiet and not like being in the city at all...

2.) While waiting for me outside of WALGREENS, there was this twenty-something woman dressed up as a green dinosaur in a homemade-but-very-well-done costume handing out easter goodies. She snuck up on BF and said "HaPpY EaStEr!" in a funny voice and gave him an easter egg (blue plastic, with an itty-bitty reese's egg inside). Everybody was smiling--everybody--it was refreshing to see how much happiness a single person acting silly could give. I want to dress up in a costume too, now.

I did give her a thumbs-up sign from across the street, to which she responded with "HaPpY EaStEr!".

3.) It was beautiful and sunshiney and mild. BF thinks we both have Seasonal Affective Disorder AKA SAD. I agree--it's awful when it's cold and grey, but when the sun shines, wow! It's wonderful.

I am nervous about seeing my older sister today. She wanted to take me out for lunch, along with her fiancee. I think it's important to see her before she moves to Mexico, though, so I will face my fears. I hope it goes well... :)

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