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Pelican?! Ghostwriter?! that's so hot!
Wednesday, March 23, 2005

› by victoria

Yesterday I came home from work tired, only to see BF sleeping on the sofa. He had made artwork!! and it was really, really good. He used a manila folder as the background, then drew and scratched and manipulated the surface with a sharpie, oil pastels, and looked absolutely fantastic. (Scratch that--it still looks fantastic). It was awesome. I couldn't help but admire his brilliant work!

We watched the Ghostwriter episode Who Burned Mr. Brinker's Store? . You have to love Ghostwriter--any TV show where Samuel L. Jackson played Jamal's dad, where Lenni writes some very "interesting" rap songs... whew. We had a blast analyzing which characters were which astrological signs:

Jamal: totally a libra. both BF and I agree on this--he wants everybody to get along!

Lenni: An aquarius. who else would be so independently artsy and unique?

Gabi: a cancer. her mad mood swings prove this.

Alex: an aries. he's firey, and thinks he's hot stuff.

Tina: a capricorn. who else would label all the videotapes she's shot with her omnipresent videocamera, and keep a seperate chart with all the scenes, locations, and clues written down?

That said, BF took his shower and went to his job-thing at 7:30. He had a blast! Apparently the theater people are *awesome* and very friendly (almost a little bit too friendly--at one point, this short girl who was also getting work orientation was heavily pressuring him to come over and have some drinks at her place, until BF kept insisting that he had to go home because his girlfriend would worry about him... I love you, BF). Plus the theater itself is really cool . He works next on Saturday night, so we can hang out until then.

And while BF was gone, I majorly went crazy on the artfront. I made this big piece of painted white wood painting, with tons of spray paint and complex stencils that I made myself out of manila folders. I wish I could scan it so you could see it. It has Paris Hilton in the lower right hand corner, with a stamp that says "SPACE CADET" in retro letters, and color-shifting pelicans all up and down the top of the piece. BF thinks I should call it something like "That's. Hot. Series PX033124" or something like that. (any suggestions received before 2 PM central time would be appreciated). I also spray-painted 4 t-shirts. [*I am wearing one of them because I walked to work this morning in 40 minutes with BF and so I got so sweaty that i had to change my shirt :-0 ] But I will be selling the other 3--they were made with original stencils and BF thinks they look great. Lots of colors.

Plus I did the dishes last night, and took a bath, and BF and I watched the "Chinese Connection" while drinking Jack & Cokes. Mmmmm.

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