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The wave of narcissism continues...
Wednesday, March 23, 2005

› by katie

Beep boop bop beep. That is robot for hello.

I had a headache all day and slept most of the day away and read all your happyposts and it made me want to tell you about what I do in that happyshow&tell kind of way.

Please don't be offended by the narcissim thing... I meant it, like, because everyone is being so introspective/slash/share-ey.

I am in graduate school and am in the midst of writing a dissertation. It is 99% enjoyable, but then, I still have a long way to go... Last night I finished typing up my initial Works Cited page. It is 10 pages of stuff that I have read. I am really proud of it. Mostly because I have read every gosh-durn thing on it.

I like to cite authorities and use jargon for a good time. Wooo.

I have my outline done, my intro done, and parts of each chapter done. I have finished the bulk of reading that I need to do in order to actually write the thing. Since the entire diss. is on one book, I had to do a huge amount of research first because I can't really do it chapter by chapter. This week I will be incorporating my critical framework; next week the real-deal writing begins. I will graduate by *next* May for sure. My dissertation is on James Joyce's book Finnegans Wake. I think that a lot of people write dissertations on really boring stuff. Like Hegelian dialectics or something. Sorry if you love Hegelian dialectics... Anything Joyce writes is great fun, I think. You've gotta love modernism.

The jargoney part of me will summarize my dissertation by stating that I am looking at the rhetorical function of clothing in FW via Bakhtin's ideas about heteroglossia. Look, it's such a fun topic, that it doesn't even seem that jargoney, right?!

Okay, that's it. That's what I do.

Sending y'all the robot salute,

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