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why you should love me...
Friday, March 25, 2005

› by katie

so, okay. Um, I guess my narcissistic post wasn't narcissistic enough, so this is the best I can do (thanks for the format hint, Blaine):

Why you should love me:

1. I wear perfume (but not too much) and usually smell quite nice.

2. I am a good typist.

3. I escaped working in the corporate world and believe that my work in academia will "make a difference."

4. I'm attractive, but not too attractive.

5. I am in love with my husband.

6. My teeth are a little crooked.

7. I'm bad at math.

8. I vote.

9. I'm liberal.

10. I'm not a wack-o.

11. I feel bad for Michael Jackson.

12. I love animals.

13. I don't tell secrets.

14. I read books.

15. I'm really bad at staying up to date with music.

16. The CD's in my car are the Smashing Pumpkins adore CD and Simon & Garfunkel.

17. I go fishing but don't kill the fish.

18. I'm scared of bugs.

19. I don't exercise regularly.

20. I love bike riding.

21. I eat oreos for breakfast.

22. I magically don't weight 368 lbs, despite eating oreos for breakfast.

23. I love my parents.

24. I have a twin brother whom I love, but don't understand.

25. I really like La Croix water in berry flavor.

26. I used to do a lot of interesting things, but now I live in the city.

27. My life goal is to live out in the middle of nowhere, and have a garden.

28. And babies. Lots of babies.

29. And kittens.

30. And a dog or two.

31. And horses.

32. And a lucrative career to sustain all these beasts.

33. I write to a bunch of people I don't know about my boring life.

34. I live in Wisconsin and have polka-ed at many a sporting event.

35. I'm scared of playing sport games that involve balls (volleyball, baseball, etc...)

36. My nails are short.

37. When my grandparents were alive I wrote them long letters.

38. I watch the Simpsons every day while I make dinner.

39. I am good at keeping plants alive.

40. I sing in the car when nobody is around, loudly.

41. I wear my contact lenses longer than I should.

42. I don't drink warm drinks.

43. I don't enjoy playing games (cards, board, video).

44. I enjoy watching movies, reading, going to art museums.

45. I try to be nice to people most of the time.

46. I'm not nice to people all the time.

47. I remember most of my dreams (at least one per night, which I guess isn't most.

48. I spell poorly.

49. I enjoy driving.

50. I'm not generally narcissistic.

Okay. Whew. That's it. Do you know me? More importantly, do you LOVE me?


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