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crystal-eyed pony
Tuesday, March 29, 2005

› by victoria

when i was a kid, i had a My little Pony doll. It was yellow, with a magical rainbow colored mane and tail, and crystal orange eyes. I totally thought my pony was the best, because she had wicked cool crystal eyes and a permanent prance.

Another pony story: I rode in a real pony cart as a small child in Normandy, France, on the D-Day beach. I think we have pictures of it somewhere.

On that note, Happy 4 years to Pony!

Yesterday was the first real frikkin' day of spring in Wisconsin. It's absolutely gorgeous outside. But spring isn't just about perennials popping out from under dead's about feeling like everything is new and fresh and ready to grow again. Including myself, and BF, and everything.
This sunday night, BF and I were having a real crisis. There were stresses between us all over the place, and we both were feeling extremely low, depressed, and frustrated. At which point, Jill swept in like a superhero and rescued us, bringing us back to the fortress of J.O.Y. (Jenuinely Outrageous, Yo) to see Robin! and Adam. And forsooth, we didst go over, and we all watched that Denzel Washington movie where he is an angry bodyguard on the rampage, at the end of which, lo, I didst cry mightily. But it was a good emotional catharsis. And then Robin and I watched "THE CORE" until 2 Am in the morning, making snide comments the whole time, while BF and Jill talked in the basement about all kinds of things that had been bothering him. And then we stayed up until 4 AM, and fell asleep on the airbed in the upstairs room, and I called in sick to work, and made waffles for Jill + Robin+ Adam + BF, and watched some more anime with Robin, and we went for a walk, just me and Robin, while Adam and BF played GRAND THEFT AUTO and downloaded rap music...we all had a great time talking, eating jellybeans, BF getting a big surprise present, watching THE INCREDIBLES, and finally, at 6 PM on Monday evening, getting a ride home from Jill. It was amazing. It was the most fun I feel like I've had in months. I HAD A REAL SPRING BREAK! YES!

thank you, jill + robin + ever'body.
so what if my spring break ends tomorrow?
i've had the most fun easter anyone could *ever* possibly have.

congrats, pony!

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