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nervous tension!
Wednesday, March 30, 2005

› by victoria

Student Fine Arts Night is TONIGHT!

from 6-8 PM, in the Haggerty museum of Art, located at 530 N. 13th Street and Clybourn. And Ohmigosh, I am sooo nervous. I hope it will be a success. I hope lots of people come, and enjoy the artwork, and I hope that there is enough live music (especially since poor BF won't be able to play 'cuz his laptop broke, AND AND AND i found out that there were going to be people coming specifically to listen to his live drum 'n bass sad. I just hope it is destiny holding him back so that his music will end up in great places!) and that there is enough free food to go around.

I also wish there was a free bar, since I would love to try to relax right now. Ha ha! just kidding.

But seriously, please wish me luck. I wish you were all in the Metro Milwaukee area, because then you could have the opportunity to attend. I will take pictures and then develop them and maybe even scan 'em into a computer, that might be cool... :)

I am *SO* nervous!
This is like the ultimate project for my internship. I have put so much effort into it, and now it's like standing back from a sculpture made of toothpicks, playing cards and Elmer's glue and holding my breath, hoping that the sculpture won't fall apart and hoping it will maybe even look cool!

I also have a presentation on Shakespeare tomorrow, and the louts in my English 173 class were assholish enough to blow me off before spring break when I asked them about how we should split up the group presentation, oh yeah, but now they are all asking how we should divvy up the work and so on and so forth. Yeah, well, I have read Will in the World by Stephen Greenblatt (a gift from BF's grandma) and I'm stickin' to it.


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