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chased by a man with a switchblade
Thursday, March 31, 2005

› by victoria

Yesterday was Student Fine Arts Night. It went really well...I had a great time. Lots of people showed up (at least 150, over the 2 hour span), I met tons of cool new people, I had a wonderful time. Didn't sell any of my t-shirts, although I suspect I will end up giving them away to my friends which is probably a far nobler fate for them anyways.

But while I was at SFAN, BF (who had come with me to see my artwork, then left early on, probably at 6:10 PM) was walking home from Marquette over to our apartment on the east side, about an hour's leisurely walk, and we walk that route all the time. This time, though, he was in front of the Milwaukee Atheletic Club when all of a sudden this weird guy with red hair in an old white striped van started to cuss at him and follow him around menacingly. I can't exactly keep track of the story, but I do know that at one point, he ran at BF with a big switchblade extended in his hand. BF had to run from him--he was chasing him using the van, which was full of other people so the scary red-haired guy wasn't alone--and hide in the Pick N' Save Metro Mart (*fancy shmancy downtown grocery store). The guy tried to follow him into the store, and threw a rock about the size of a musk melon at him... The Pick n' Save employees hid him in an office safe room and had to call the cops. 2 cops came and drove him around looking for the suspect after BF had filed a report...and gave him a ride home...

And I come home and found out this happened, which really killed any happy buzz I was feeling after the triumph of SFAN (at least, everyone who came said it was fabulous...I wish isabelle & Robin & Katie & my advisor could've come, but I understand, maybe next year...)

Seriously. This is a disturbing thing to find out about. BF was mega-pissed off. I was just mucho-perturbed that it even occurred in the first place.

And talk about a bad time for it to happen--BF was already extremely depressed that he feels that no matter how hard we work, we're doomed to never be able to save any money or do anything fun or get anywhere. And he's kind've right--both he and i worked really hard this past month, but we're barely making the $550 rent with maybe $9 left over. That is sad. No grocery buying for us (and BF hates buying groceries because you just go in the store, throw a couple of loaves of bread, pasta, some vegetables, maybe a bag of apples, peanut butter, eggs, milk...and it ends up costing $70 or so.). But yeah, until BF gets paid for his job at the Oriental, we're running on fumes...oh, and his Virginmobile pay-as-you-go cell phone is out of money! And talk about a bad time for that to happen, when he needed to call for help because of the scary-guy-with-switchblade.

I have to do my shakespeare presentation today and I hope I do alright. I was waiting for the bus this morning and all of a sudden my Dad shows up and gave me a ride to school. He got me a piece of carrotcake and a coffee too--thank you!!--which will basically be my lunch.
I am so tired.

I hope things get better.

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