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today is my younger sister's birthday
Friday, April 1, 2005

› by victoria

Yep, she was born on April Fool's Day, 1987. I vaguely remember my younger sister being born. She was such a hellion...and now she's turning 18. My younger sister is getting married in May, I believe. I am part of neither of my sister's wedding arrangments. My older sister is getting married in June or July, then moving down to Mexico. I have no idea what will happen to my younger sister, who makes me think sometimes of Brittney Spears.

Guys, in general, think my younger sister is hot. BF says my younger sister is disgusting. He says that I am the prettiest sister in the family, and that my younger sister is just jealous and that's why she says mean things about me. My younger sister used to look like a little monkey-child when she was little. Then when she hit 6th grade she discovered orthodontic work and makeup, and now she gets honked-at and hit-on almost everywhere she goes. She has long blonde hair--she always wears Marilyn Monroe type clothes. If it's tight and curve-enhancing, she likes it. Her fiancee worships her. They seem to have a dysfunctional relationship in my opinion, but I wish them the best, even though he gets on my nerves to no end.

So, Happy Birthday Phibesen! (*that was her nickname)

In other news:

Katie has lent me a 1996 laptop "indefinitely" because that way I can write my papers at home

She took me to the bank with her, and we went to Mickey D's (thank you, Katie! that was lovely greasy-goodness. May you be blessed with Shamrock Shake Shenanigans for ever)

BF is a sweetheart, and his Grandma sent him a present/check for $500. We are going to save it or set up a savings account so that we can go to visit her in New Mexico

My back hurts like all hell and I wish I could spend April Fool's Day sleeping

BF can now make jokes about the switchblade-wielder: I agree with whomever predicted that it will become a hilarious legend in a few months.

Happy April Foos!

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