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the forecast
Sunday, May 1, 2005

› by victoria

stomach status: bilious, but slightly improved.

hanging out with friends status: there was a lot of fun and lots of laughter over the past weekend hanging out will Jill and Robin.

There is a forecast of a slight shower of stress tomorrow afternoon, due to a groupthink presentation for Comm Studies 052, but it shouldn't affect a large portion of my life.

Hurricane Wedding over the Weekend passed near the Victoria Coast, but luckily avoided any damage or inhabited areas. Whew!

Tonight, Biff is sleeping peacefully, although for the rest of the week, he may be facing a flurry of activity.

Looking to the forecast for the rest of the academic year as a whole: Lots of essays! Whoa! Yes, there will be a stream of essays coming in from Canada down across the mainstream, bringing lots of late night study sessions...

But sunshine prevails.

And now, on to you, Bob!

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