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things i want to be happy about
Wednesday, May 4, 2005

› by victoria

okay, so you've probably had it up to here (imaginaryhandgestureataboutdeskchairheight) with my endless drama and the stuff i complain about. I can imagine it's frustrating. Hell, I'm frustrated with myself, even with my supposedly "Best College in the Country" (U.S. News and World Report sent a bunch of journalists here over the past week to profile Marquette using this lovely moniker) which doesn't even have enough Mac computers so that I can finish the goddamn gallery guide and go home. No, but my Art Colony reading friends, I used to be as happy-go-lucky as a free range chicken. I did not see the looming farmer of stress on the horizon, nor did I anticipate that I would eventually be fried over finals and served with a delicious garnis of antagonism and irony.

But seriously, though, I want to please my would-be fans, who would've really liked me back in the day when I could relax. I used to be really good at relaxing. These are things I would like to be happy about:

Having more money than I really need

Being deluged with amazing offers to use my talents, time, etc. for a good cause

Discovering that I was suddenly that Esprit clothing-line founder and I owned half the rainforest in South America--I read that somewhere, that he bought up all this rainforest with his money, and I would love to do that too...

Being able to flex my Italian and French mental muscles until I get to Arnold-Terminator-era buffness with them (I am currently at Flabby-Governator-mental-fitness)

Being able to rid myself of this cynical coating of aciduousness that seems to cling to me and get in touch with my inner child, muse, fun self again

Having my parents apologize for putting me through such a hard time, and admit that they are really proud of me, and offer to co-sign student loans with me (at that point, I would realize that I was dreaming)

Let's hope that I can get this gallery guide done by tomorrow. Along with all my various essays and acoutrements.

And after my exams are over, maybe I can relax enough to start thinking about how beautiful the sunset is, or start ruminating on beneficient and kind thoughts to my fellow humans, or discovering a beautiful passage of poetry to share with you all...

Oh, and they changed the Marquette mascot name to the "Gold" instead of the "Golden Eagles." Gaaaacck. If it had been up to me, it would have been the "Marquette Fightin' Plankton" or the "Marquette Machetes" or something with a little bit more personality.

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