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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

› by victoria

Biff and I got a cactus yesterday. So far, its name is "Cactus." It's about 5 inches tall, and has a nice waxy green color to it. Plus some little yellow flowers on top. I am hoping it will improve our feng shui, since it is green and green supposedly attracts prosperity.

We had a wonderful time this weekend, spending most of it at Jill's house. So much happened that it's kind've psychotic for me to even try to recall it all. There was a big barbeque. I almost knocked a five-pound piece of lamb into the fire, but luckily Biff and this guest named Chuck/Charles saved the lamb from the fire. We talked about whales. Biff got angry at me this morning because we were running late for almost everything (*I was 15 minutes late for work this morning) because we couldn't seem to get going on our way, so he is ending up spending the day at home trying to fix my old Imac to use its firewire drive to retrieve some of his files, which will hopefully work. We watched a truly bizarre and disturbing film (I mean, anything which features some blue-skinned woman running around with rubber fangs in her mouth and a gigantic strap-on that looks like a carved walrus tusk has to be bizarre) last night, called Lair of the White Worm. It had Hugh Grant in it, too. Add onto that movie the fact that we watched "Jeepers Creepers 2" and "Chris Rock Live on HBO", and it's no wonder that I had some of the most random dreams ever. I kept on banging my head against the wall in my sleep, apparently...
We went to the bank and hopefully cashed Biff's refund check in my checking account. Biff drove me, Adam and his friend Ben over to the Home Depot to pick up boards, screws,etc. so they could build a new porch. Robin and I read celebrity gossip mags. I accidentally dropped a turkey tettrazzini on the ground (but don't tell anyone!).
It was mindbogglingly fun. Plus the weather is fantastic!

I had so much fun that I didn't even wake up for class this morning...shame on me. But I have no intention of ever missing class again!

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