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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

› by victoria

Emptying out the odds n' ends bin that is my mind, post-Exam:

I love sunshine. My mother used to subscribe to those "Alternative Health" magazines back in the early 90's and continued to do so while I grew up. I read anything I could get my hands on, so I'd read about how garlic helps lower your blood pressure and kills viruses, how grapefruit seed oil is a powerful anti-viral/microbial agent, how chelation therapy can save your life, how hydrogen peroxide therapy (carefully administered, of course! otherwise, putting some h2o3 in your blood would kill you) can kill potent viruses, and then the latest announcement (or the one they made right before i moved), that sunscreen actually causes cancer, and doesn't alleviate it. Apparently, It's true ... crazy, huh?

As long as you don't sunburn your face (yeeesh), I think that sun is probably better for you than not. I always dream of having a gorgeous tan...the only time I ever really had a gorgeous tan, for certain, was when I went on Watershed Wisdom, this outdoor exploration class that my highschool offered over the summer with an English credit and a Phys. Ed credit. It was intense. Biking 100 miles over 2 days, hiking 10 miles in one day (the bastards! they lied to us and told us that the camp was "close"...yeah, close in the Kettle Moraine sense of the term meant 10 miles of going up and down hills that were just tall enough to be annoying while carrying 90 pounds of gear), canoeing 100 miles or so down the Milwaukee river over a week... It was wild. I got 2nd degree sunburns on my shoulders, which is why I'm scared to tan them ever again, but when I came back it shocked everyone. I was so dark, and it wasn't just the dirt from not bathing for a week or so...It was a real, honest-to-goodness tan.

I am also convinced that working out on machines is somehow wrong. Although I have done it in the past, I.E. going to the Shorewood Fitness center all through my Junior year of highschool and religiously working out with a fervor seldom found amongst those who are not on a pilgramage of some kind, I never felt it did anything for me. My mom used to yell at me for going to the Fitness center.

She'd say "Why the heck do you go and work out there? You look like some kind of T-rex. It's making your thighs bigger and your upper body smaller."

the sad thing is, that she was pretty correct on that. It never did seem to make me lose any weight. I lost 15 pounds, at least, when I met Biff. It was almost instant. That, and probably smoking a lot, and walking practically everywhere, are my current workout regimen. I like lifting weights--I think that is very effective--but in my case, weights are heavy grocery bags or backpacks or stacks of books at work. Yes, you can get buff being a librarian, or at least, a student assistant. (rarr! flex muscles here). I think if I ever wanted to quit smoking, it would probably have to be on another Watershed Wisdom-type experience, because only then could I guarantee that I wouldn't be munching on random snacks like crazy. Watershed Wisdom left me very if I can ever do something like that again, I sure as heck will.

Okay that's enough of my musings. :)

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