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how about that shit?
Thursday, June 9, 2005

› by victoria

that is the latest catchphrase.

I am the artfull/artless dodger, depending on whether I get what I want to get or not. Yesterday there was a catered luncheon in the basement of the library where i work. My coworker Carolyn had a yen for one of the roast beef sandwiches on the catered table, and since i knew that as soon as the conference was over, the catering people would swoop down like the Harpies to steal the food away, I went over and g'd her a roast beef sandwich. (*there were many sandwiches available and the people at the conference didn't appear to be very hungry, so I didn't feel guilty about it).

Since we don't have air conditioning and the apartment tends towards the "stuffy attic" atmosphere, Biff has taken to wearing board shorts and no shirt. It's a bit surreal to come back from work and see him working on his website wearing Patriotic Star board shorts. The website is looking fantastic, by the way, although I don't want to jinx it (knock on wood here).

I got paid yesterday, and went to Closet Classics, this local store that sells funky retro clothes and cool random hipster stuff for relatively low prices. I got a cute pair of polka-dot underwears for $4, and then I saw these shoes...oh, how I love these shoes! I really want them. When I told Biff about them , he's all like, "Get them!" and so I will probably go and get them today. They are $29.95 and I have a 10% off coupon, and I just love them...

Hopefully we will also be able to go to Jazz in the Park tonight with my co-worker Carolyn, bringing along a bottle of wine and just listening to the (hopefully) smooth grooves...I have heard some really good free Jazz in Milwaukee, and then there's the incredibly shitty jazz. One group had a keyboardist whom I swear sounded like he was tripping out...he completely ignored the cues of the trumpeter, drummer, etc. and was just lost in left field playing random chords. So tonight, I hope they do well. Or if they don't we can just enjoy the atmosphere before fleeing from the gynormous crowds that attend the concerts. :)

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