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Strawberry Daiquiri "Malt Beverage"
Friday, June 17, 2005

› by victoria

Went to Jazz in the Park last night with my co-worker/friend Carolyn. We got some "strawberry daiquiri" flavored malt beverages (*i wish i had looked at the label closer--anything with the word "malt beverage" on the label is bound to waste the brain) and a blanket and some crunchie things to munch, and we were on our way... Biff couldn't come because he was trying to fix his website. The Jazz in question was latin-inspired Salsa music, and the band was really quite good...Jazz in the Park is so popular with Milwaukeeans that there must've been 800+ people crammed into Cathedral Square Park (which isn't more than a square city block of greenery with a temporary stage set up)... the port-a-potty line was hilariously long. There was this man, who seemed to be strung out on some kind of drug(s), and he wanted to skip ahead in the line, which was not happening as far as the rest of the people in line were concerned.

There were a lot of people dancing. I met Kathy, Heather, and Polly (I think her name was Polly) who were Carolyn's friends, who had gotten there earlier than we had... they were very nice. I had one of the Strawberry Daiquiri "malt beverages" and that one 13 ounce drink got me feeling pretty good (*i haven't had anything like that to drink in a looong time, which may also explain the effects). I wasn't to the "Karaoke-singing-and-fling-your-limbs-around-dancing" stage, but I was laughing a lot and having fun. Whew. Which may explain why i had a pounding hangover this morning, and a hoarse voice from shouting... Carolyn's friends had gotten a head-start on the drinking--they had my Strawberry Daiquiri "malt beverage" beat with 3 bottles of wine in a picnic basket that they had been sharing between themselves. We were shouting over the music to be heard, discussing such topics as the Teenage mutant ninja turtles and what was up with that one guy taking his shirt off, and then putting it back on again, and then taking it off...

It was fun. Now I have to buckle down and try to catch up on my assigned readings for a big exam in marketing on Monday. This morning it felt like a bunch of angry moths had settled in my brain, so I took an extra nap before work and had a Monster energy drink to replenish my depleted B vitamins. Whew!

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